How to Fix Error Code 910 on Google Play Account

The Error Code 910 appears when you give to try the installation, update, or uninstallation of the app from the Google Play Store on the Android Device. Such an error occurs when the user has previously preinstalled or uninstalled the updates for a similar app. Such an issue has been reported for appearing in Oreo, Lollipop(5x). Marshmello(6.x), or in Nougat.

Here we have explained the various methods that most of the users successfully used and have also resolved their issue.

Method 1: Re-link of the Google Account

Such a procedure is the one which is mentioned by the Google documentation when they have discussed this Error Code 910. Most of the affected users have given the confirmation that signing in and out of the Google Account have resolved this error code and have given them allowance in installation and updating of the application that was filed with the Error Code 910.

Here we have explained the steps for removing the Google account from the device and then adding it again for the resolving of the Error Code 910.

Error Code 910

Step 1

Firstly, on the Android phone, open the app of Settings there and then click on the Accounts menu.


Step 2

Now under the User & Accounts screen which is also known as Accounts, find there your Google account and then click on it. As you are under the settings of Google account, scroll down the screen to the downward side, and then click on the Remove button.

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Step 3

As the Google account is removed, return back to the User & accounts screen then scroll down to the downward side and click on the Add account.

Step 4

Now on the window of Add an account, click on Google and then follow there the on-screen instructions for re-addition of the Google account.

Step 5

As you have re-linked the Google account through reinserting of the required credentials, give a restart to the computer and then try for updating or downloading of the app at the startup of next time.

Method 2: Clearing of the cache of the Google Play Store

It is the best popular way for resolving of the Error Code 910 on the Android devices. If such an issue is appearing due to some of the badly cached data which ends up in the prevention of the application for updating or clearing of the cached data of the Google Play Store application, then it will fix in the permanent form.

Here we have explained the steps below that are performed by most of the users that have resolved the Error Code 910:-

Step 1

Firstly, on the Home screen of the Android device, click on the Settings menu there. Now under the settings menu, click on the Apps & notifications.

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Step 2

Do the scrolling down of the screen through the list of various apps and do the locating of the Google Play Store. When you will get it, click on it to open.

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Step 3

Now through the menu of Info of the Google Play Store, click on the Storage for reaching the option about clearing the data.

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Step 4

Now under the option of Storage, click on the Clear Cache option. As the process gets completed, followed by clicking on the Clear Data.

Step 5

As when you will complete clearing the data of the Google Play store give a restart to your device and then try there for updating or downloading the app that was causing their issue.

Method 3: Ejecting of the SD Card from the settings Menu

As on the stage of the investigation, we have seen that most of the users were encountering such an error used as SD Card. Most of the affected users have managed properly in solving the issue by easily ejecting the SD card through the Android settings menu.

Such a process will not require the physical taking out of the SD Card of the phone. As android has the in-built function which will virtualize such a scenario.

Here we have the steps that you have to perform for ejecting the SD card and then resolving the Error code 910.

Step 1

Firstly, on the android device, open there Settings menu and then click on the Storage option.

Step 2

Now under the Storage screen, click on the Unmount SD card and then do the confirmation for forcing of the Android and pretending that the SD Card has been removed physically.

Step 3

Then open the Google Play store again and download again or update the app that was showing the error message previously.

Method 4: Moving of the app from SD Card to Internal

Chances by performing this method are that the app will update in a normal form after moving on the internal storage. As the update gets completed, you can then move back to the place of the initial one. Most of the users who have struggled with such an Error Code 910 have resolved by following this method.

Follow the given steps for it:-


Firstly, open the Settings menu and then go to the Apps and Notifications. Then click on the Apps for viewing of all of the applications that you have installed there.

Step 2

Now under the list of the installed applications, do the locating of the app which is refusing to install and then tap on it for expansion of its menu.

Step 3

Then click on the Storage and click on the Change storage location. Then move the app to the Internal Storage.

Step 4

As the app gets moved to the internal storage, do the updating of the application again and see there if the procedure gets completed without any of the Error Code 910.

Step 5

If you have managed for updating of the app when it is moved to the internal storage, then you can move back to the SD Card as the procedure gets completed for Error Code 910.

Method 5: Doing the use of ADB for uninstallation of the App

If you are in a situation where the app is not able to be updated, uninstalled, or reinstalled, then you can go for the use of ADB for removing the application package. Such a procedure is a bit advanced and will include the setting of the initial setup on both of the android as well as on the computer.

ADB is the Android Debug Bridge which is the command-line tool in a versatile form and will allow you in performing the various kinds of operations on the Android device. It facilitates the various actions of the device which includes debugging as well as installing the apps.

It is actually not needed but when other methods are not working then this one is a requirement for Error Code 910.

Final Words

Here we discussed various methods that can be used for the fixation of Error Code 910. Give a read to all of them and tell us which of them worked for you. Also, go for more.

What does error code 910 mean?

The ‘Error Code 910’ is typically encountered when the user tries to install, update or uninstall an app from Google Play Store on an Android device.

Can someone explain to me what is causing this Google Play error?

The app you downloaded is not compatible with your device. Incompatible apps are generally unavailable on Google Play, but sometimes they are.

Is there a fix for error 905?

Cache files from the Google Play Store are corrupted – This typically occurs if corrupted files end up in the Google Play Store cache.

In what area does Error Code 910 belong?

In southeastern North Carolina, area 910 serves Wilmington, Jacksonville, Laurinburg, Lumberton, and Fayetteville.

How can I download applications from Google Play?

Apps cannot be downloaded or installed if your device doesn’t have enough space. If you receive a notification about low storage space, your device may be running out of space.

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