Create a Poll on Facebook For (Event, Business Page, Messenger)

Create a Poll on Facebook: Wondering, how to create a poll on the Facebook account of yours well don’t worry in this article we show you complete steps with screenshots on this topic. Well first of you must know what is a Facebook poll and what are the benefits of creating a poll on Facebook and more. So, Let Get Stated Shall We go with Create a Poll on Facebook .

What is Facebook Poll?

The Facebook poll is a feature that allows the users to create an online survey using their Facebook account. With the help of the Facebook poll, you can get feedback from your friends or ask the customers what want to see into your business. For example, you can create a poll on Facebook to ask your friend about the event that going to happen at your school or college. Or you can easily settle any debate using the Facebook poll.

Create a Poll on Facebook

Things To Know About Facebook Poll

There are some important or highlighted things that you should know about the Facebook feature. We are some common things about Facebook Poll.

  • The Facebook Poll be created by the  Facebook Dekstop site or Mobile App.
  • You can create Facebook Poll for both Business and Personal purposes.
  • Facebook Poll can be created for Event pages and Messanger conversation.
  • You can insert images, tag people, or event without hassle.
  • Any other relevant point to consider.

How To Create a Poll on Facebook Page

Firstly, you must know the steps all the same for creating a poll on a business page or for the family or friends. For instance, let imagine we are planning to get together for the gathering.

Follow the below-given steps, to create a poll on Facebook.

1. Go to the using the web browser or app and log in to your Facebook account.

2. Choose the “Create Post” box,  (what’s on your mind?).

3. Facebook Desktop: Click on the ellipses to reach the full menu. Scroll down and click on Poll.

Facebook App: Scroll down till you able to see Poll and tap on it.

4. Type the option in the Option 1 box for example (Drinks).

5. Enter the option in the Option 2 box (Chicken).

You can easily add more option if you wanted to such as ribs, fast food, movies, etc

6. Choose the duration drop-down list and select when you want the poll to end you’ve given Create a Poll on Facebook four options.

  • 1 Day
  • 1 Week
  • Never
  • Custom

7. Choose the date and time for the poll to end. If you have select custom then hit the “OK” button to Create a Poll on Facebook.

8. Title the poll, such as “What you like to have in an upcoming get together on my house?”.

9. Click on the Post button to publish the poll.

Create A Poll On Facebook For The Event

You can also create a poll on the Facebook business page for the event that you are managing. Here are the steps to create a poll for an event on Facebook.

1. Go to the and login into your account.

2. Now, click or tap on the Event option given at the left side panel on Facebook.

3. Select the Event, for which you want to make a Facebook poll.

4. Choose, Create a Poll at the top of the create post box.

5. Click or tap on the +Add button to add more options for the poll.

6. Choose, Poll Options. Uncheck ” Allow Anyone to Add Options”  and “Allow People to Choose Multiple Options“.

7. Type the title of the event or the question and click on the Post button.

Create a Poll on Facebook For Messenger

You can easily create a Facebook poll on the Facebook Messenger and forward it to your friends and family members or the business employees.

1.  Go the Facebook Messanger app using your Android, iOS device, or PC application.

2. Tap on the button at the bottom of the Facebook messenger. If you’re using a web browser then click on the Create poll button given at the bottom of the messenger.

3. Choose, +Add options to add all poll options for the users.

4. Type, the Title, or the Statement on the Poll.

5. Choose, Create a Poll to share with your messenger friends.

Why am I unable to run a poll on my Facebook page for my company in 2021?

Creating a poll with a personal account in 2021 is considerably restricted in its capabilities. People are unable to do so from inside either their newsfeed or their timeline. They can only do it as part of a tale or as part of a group, as was discussed in the previous section. The following are the procedures that need to be taken in order to create a poll on Facebook’s stories.

How can I make a poll for a Facebook group that I am a member of in 2022?

To get started, launch the Polls for Pages app in a new tab on your browser. After clicking the “Get Started” option, you will be prompted to give your poll a title. The poll’s title need to be succinct while yet conveying an overarching sense of its subject matter. Example: Tell us about your favourite movie, provide your assistance in selecting a logo, share your thoughts on various beer brands, etc.

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