10 Ways To Access Command Prompt in Windows 10

Present from decades and still most effective and a great source to retain at your dumping. If you are a Windows 10 user, you probably have no idea how to open it. Command prompt in your Operating system.

Don’t worry about it! We will provide you with the best ways to open Command Prompt in your Windows 10. Some of the methods are not known to you, we wager. After moving further, you must know what Command Prompt is?

What Are Command Prompts?

Command prompt. Is one of the most useful tools in computers. It allows you to perform quicker than any graphical interface, even though it has more features and operations, which you are not supposed to do in a graphical interface.

The command prompt supports all kinds of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy and fast for you to perform tasks. The salient feature makes it more powerful. 

It is a simpler task to open the Command prompt from the start menu. But you are here. Let’s know some professional and hacking ways to open it in your Windows 10:

Open Command Prompt From Task Manager

To open the Command prompt from your Task manager, you need to follow the following steps in the window X:

1. Open task manager on your computer.

2. Choose “Run New Task” from “File Menu.”

3. Type cmd or cmd.exe and click OK

4. The regular Command prompt window will appear.

5.  Now, create the task with administrative privileges. 

6. The command prompt will open as Administrator.

Access Command Prompt By Window+X, Power User.

It includes many simple steps to open a Command prompt from a Windows X Power user. 

1. Press Window+X to open the Windows Explorer on your computer

2. Then select the Command Prompt as Admin. 

Please note that in some versions of Windows 10, you are not supposed to see Command Prompt as it is replaced by PowerShell.

It is the same as Command Prompt and has more advanced features and specifications than Command Prompt. 

Get Command Prompt From A Start Menu Search

The other easiest step to open Command Prompt is to open it from the Start Menu. You just need to follow the following steps:

1. Click on the Start menu in your Windows 10

2. Type “cmd” in the search menu.

3. Or you can use your voice search feature and say “Launch Command Prompt” 

To open the Command Prompt as AdministratorAdministrator, you need to double click on the option and run it as AdministratorAdministrator, Or you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+enter.

Open Command Prompt From Task Manager In Admin Mode

If you want to open the Command Prompt as an administrative privilege using Task Manager, then you need to open the “file menu” and hold the “Ctrl” key while “Run New Task”.

The process will quickly run the Command Prompt with all administrative privileges. You are not supposed to type the cmd in the search bar. Maybe it’s the easiest way to open Command Prompt. 

Command Prompt By Scrolling Through The Start Menu

Just by following easy steps, you can open the Command Prompt by scrolling Through the start menu. The steps nude are: 

1. Click Start and scroll down

2. Expand the window system folder

3. Click on the Command Prompt option. 

4. For running it as an administrator, simply right-click on it and select “Run As Administrator”.

That’s all your Command Prompt will appear on your screen in four easy steps. Let’s move on to our other ways to open Command Prompt.

Accessing The Command Prompt From Run Box

It includes some easy steps to Run the Command Prompt from Run Box, and these steps are given below:

1. Press Window+R to open the “Run Box”.

2. Search for cmd and press OK to open it.

3. Then apply the shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+enter” to open in the administration form.

Command Prompt From File Explorer

For opening Command Prompt from File Explorer, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Open File Explorer on your computer.

2. Navigate to C:/windows/system32 folder. 

3. Double click the “cmd.exe” and then right-click and select run as Administrator. 

Here are the steps. You are supposed to create a shortcut to the Command prompt anywhere. 

Open Command Prompt Here From The File Menu Of File Explorer

To open Command Prompt here from the file menu of File Explorer, you need to navigate the folder in which you want to load the Command prompt. Using the “File menu,” select any of the following options:

1. Open command prompt as AdministratorAdministrator: it allows you to open the command prompt in the selected folder with common permissions. 

2. Open Command Prompt as normal: select this option if you want professional and AdministratorAdministrator permissions. 

Command Prompt From The Address Bar Of File Explorer

Below are the easy steps to open Command Prompt from the address and of the file explorer. 

1. Open your File Explorer and select it by clicking the address bar. 

2. Press Alt+D as an alternate option.

3. Type for cmd in the address bar and press enter. 

4. Your Command Prompt opens successfully. 

Get Command Prompt From A Folder’s Context Menu In The File Explorer

The last way to Open Command Prompt that is provided by us can easily open by Ctrl+Right click the folder in your File Explorer and just choose “Open Command prompt” here. 

You will easily open it with all administrative permissions and specifications. 

Hence, now you came to know the best ways to open Command Prompt in your Windows 10. About all these ways, maybe, you have no idea before.

Even we haven’t, after good research from various sources on the internet we came to know about them and suggest you if you face a problem in opening Command Prompt in your Window 10.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the command prompt windows 10 with complete information.

How do I use Command Prompt in Windows 10?

Type cmd in the Start menu search field and choose the Best Match option to start the Command Prompt. To open the Command Prompt, hit Windows key + R, type cmd into the Run utility, and press Enter.

How do I get Command Prompt Here in Windows 10?

To open the “Run” box, use Windows+R. To open a normal Command Prompt, type “cmd” and then click “OK.” To open an administrator Command Prompt, type “cmd” and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

How do I Run a Command Prompt?

In order to run a command prompt in windows you need to follow these steps.

1.Start by going to the Start menu.
2.Type cmd into the command prompt.
3.Select Command Prompt from the drop-down menu.
4.cd [filepath] is the command to use.
5.Press the Enter key.
6.Start [filename.exe] by typing start.
7.Press the Enter key.

This is end of this short guide.

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