2 Ways To Recover Yahoo Mail Without Password Recovery

How To Retrieve My Yahoo Mail Account? 

”Sometimes when you’re not login into your yahoo mail account and you’ve forgotten your yahoo mail password. After that, you searching on the web about Yahoo Mail Recovery Guides. But the problem is you don’t want to go through Security Question to recover your mail account.”

Yahoo Mail offers its users to recover their mail account but for that user have to go through security questions. However, it was boring and hard to go through a security question. But, there also some other ways by which you can easily recover your yahoo account. I’ve found two methods from which you can easily recover your yahoo mail account without answering the security question.

Recovering Yahoo ID To Recover Yahoo Account

If you’ve forgotten your yahoo mail account password and want to recover it without going through security questions. So just recover your Yahoo ID and your Yahoo Mail Account automatically recovered itself without going through security.

Step 1  : 

Go to  Mail Recovery using your device browser.

Step  2 : 

Enter your pre-registered Recovery Email Address or Phone Number and then click on the Continue button

Note: If you type recovery email address such as axy@gmail.com then the verification links go to that email address and you’ve to resist. I recommend you use a Phone Number.

Step 3 : 

If you’ve chosen a Phone Number then Yahoo sends a verification code on that mobile number that you’ve resisted in the process of sign up.

Now pick up your cell phone and check yahoo messages in the inbox. Go to your browser and enter the security code and click on Continue.

Recovery Yahoo Account by Contacting Yahoo Support Team

You can also retrieve your yahoo account by contacting with Yahoo Support Team. Go to the Contact and fill the form and send a message to Yahoo about you’ve forgotten your account password and security question and asked them if there is any method to recover your yahoo account. This works for many people. Hope it works for you.