How to Delete Comments in Word

How to Delete Comments in Word? You write documents on specific topics for meaningful purposes, maybe for people to read or make reports or write the text for analytical purposes, etc.

Now the documents you write and pass for proofreading and editing, get feedback, or say comments. From the proofreaders or editors regarding the modifications, you need to do either changing fonts, text, style, etc.

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How to Delete Comments in Word

There might be times you want to manage your comments like changing their order or delete them or comments. Like to modify the data, make some changes inside it like adding something. Changing the font, changing the size.

In any case that it looks inappropriate and may be due to some negative comments that put your document’s wrong impression and you want to delete it then.

Step 1:

First of all, you go to review the proofread document by tapping on the review on the menu bar on the top where it has its comment section.

Step 2:

Just below it, you have an option to delete these comments or show the comment, etc.

Step 3:

Now you have to insert a comment somewhere in the document. Highlight a particular part if text and tap on new comment and add one to the specific highlighted part or if your proofreader has already added comments, its good anyhow.

Step 4:

Now you can either reply to a sure comment or delete it.  For deleting it,

  • You have to select the specific text on which the comment you want to delete adds.
  • When you select the text, the comment appears directly highlighted when its corresponding text gets selected.
  • After selecting it to click on ‘delete comment’ on the top bar and it asks you for confirmation, confirm the deletion, and the comment will deletes.

Now, this is a straightforward and convenient and flexible way to manage or delete the comments that proofreaders or editors approve. In this way, any MS word user can get onto modifying the comments they get from the proofreaders and editors.