How do you convert a PDF file to a Fillable Form

How do you convert a pdf file to a fillable form? Now in a pdf form, you neither can click on checkboxes for input, nor they allow you to input or value the ability type into it or say fill it up so, for instance, you have to use an ink pen, and you even get tools that give you the ability to convert the document into a fillable or typable document.

Check how you can make a PDF fillable on Windows or Mac computer or online using the web application.

How do you convert a PDF file to a Fillable Form

Now for this, you have to have a pdf form first of all, of course! First of all.

Step 1:

You have an open google chrome or any search engine you use, and then you have a type in, PDF Escape, and press enter.

Step 2:

A tool comes up that eventually shows up to you to click on a link to open software. At the bottom, you gotta click ‘edit you pdf file nail’ on the right side.

Step 3:

A dialogue box appears where you gotta click on ‘upload pdf to pdf escape’ followed by clicking on ‘upload pdf’ and then click on ‘choose file’ and choose it from what so ever location you have it on.

Step 4:

From there, you have to click on open and then upload; there you must notice that wherever there are checkboxes, they cannot be typed in automatically.

Step 5:

On the left side, you see an option that says form filled, and then it asks you the type of field you would want to create. You can click on the drop-down and select anything you want to get fillable.

Step 6:

Now, after you did this, you can go to the typing area of the particular section you have selected, and you see that you can type anything any which ways and can modify its size and style. To remove it, you have to click the text a single time.

Step 7:

Now coming to a specific form area where then you’ll click on the particular area. Click on the form filled again on the left side, and this time you don’t have to reach out to the drop-down, but you can directly click on the text button.
When you click one time, it’ll allow you to resize the typing area according to how you want it.

  • Now, you’ll type the text you want to and then move on to the next area where you want to add text, and you tap and modify sections wherever you want to add text to and keep adding texts.


  • Once you are done typing, then you have a tap on the save icon, and then you download the pdf and place it to what so ever location you want.


  • Now, all the fields you created on the software are now fillable when saved to your system. Now you can enter the text,  modify it, save it, delete it do whatever as now the pdf is fillable as per your choice.


  • You can either add the text while creating fields in which you would not be able to modify it later, or you can add the text after saving it to your system where you can modify it any way you like it.