How To Increase Volume Of Wav File Online

Technically, the wav files are compressed audio files and you can easily play them in any Mp3 player on your iPhone, iPod or any other smart device. However, the wav audio files are the wav to louder compared to other audio format files. But there some wav files that have lower volume levels and you’re searching for an online tool for the increasing volume of wav file.

In this, we are going to help out this article carry all the audio normalizer software available on the web as an open-source.

Increase Volume Of WAV File Using Online WAV Audio Converter

There multiple online wav volume converter is available on the web. But we have shortlisted some of the best wav converters that work well for many people without having a hassle. In this article, we are going to use Audioalter that is an online web application with multiple audio tools.

Follow the below-given step by step guide to increase the volume of WAV file –

Step 1: 

Now open a new tab in the web browser of your device. And open

Step 2: 

Scroll to the bottom of the web page where you will see a green colour box with the title “Volume Changer” open it (As shown in the given screenshot).

increase volume of wav file online

Step 3:

After following step 2, you will be redirected to the new web page. Click on the “Browser Computer” button and select the WAV file in which you want to increase the volume.

decrease volume of wav

Step 4:

After uploading the WAV file, select the increase and number of dB. For example, if you want to increase the volume of WAV file then choose 20 dB and click on the “Submit” button.

Wav volume changer

Step 5:

After completing the process, download the file and enjoy.

The above method is for changing the volume of WAV file online. However in case if web application is not working for you. So you can also try out below given online audio changer for free.

Top 5 WAV Volume Booster Online

But in case if you want to change or increase the volume of WAV file using an offline audio changer software. Then here is the top list of some best WAV Audio Changer. Here goes the list – NCH Audio Convert, AVS4You, AVDShare etc.