How To Change Password On Mac Mail

Mac Mail one of the most popular email services of mac computers such as macbook pro, mac mini, iMac and some other.

For some security reasons you have to update your mac mail account to keep secure form hackers attacks. To keep secure your email account you have to update your mac mail account password and recovery password options.

Although there are a lot of reasons for changing passwords, such as if you forget your mac mail account password.

How to Change Password For Mac Mail

Here we cover how you can change your password on Mac Mail with a complete step-by-step guide. Without further ado let’s check the complete steps.

Step 1 :

Go to the Mail, from Menu and click on Preference.

Step 2 :

Go to the Accounts tab, and select the name of the email account from the list of email accounts.

Step 3 :

Click on the Password field, and Remove the old password.

Step 4 :

Enter a New Password and close the window.

Video Guide:

This is the end of how to change passwords on Mac mail for more similar guides do refer to our Macbook guides.

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