How To Connect PlayStation Controller To Mac

Bluetooth Controller was an output device used in computers for various purposes such as gaming. There are several types of Bluetooth controllers available in online stores such as PS3 Controller, PS4 Controllers and many more.

Basically, these controller comes with wireless technology that allows users to play games from a long distance of about 10 meters.

To play games with the help of a Bluetooth controller first of all you have to connect it with your personal computer Mac or Windows.

Here we covered the proper way to connect a Bluetooth Controller to a Mac with a few steps without taking anybody’s help you can do it on your own.

How To Connect Bluetooth Controller To Mac

macbook with ps5 controller

Follow the step-by-step guide properly to understand how you can connect the game controller to a Mac with the help of a Bluetooth driver.

Step 1 

Go to the Apple Menu Click on Preference and select Bluetooth.

Step 2

Put Bluetooth Controller in Discovery Mode.

Step 3

The flashlight started blinking in the controller then the Wireless Controller appeared in Bluetooth windows.

Step 4

Pair the Bluetooth controller to connect it with the Mac

Video Guide

This is the end of how to connect the Bluetooth controller to a Mac. If you have any questions related to Bluetooth Controller you can ask us via the comment box. For more relevant guides do check our Macbook guides section hopefully you will some more useful information related to your Macbook.

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