How To Password Protect A Folder (Mac & Windows)

You want to know how to password-protect a folder. Now as technology is getting literally over everything, say it be communication, work, making up things, and whatnot.

If you own a PC and use it either for professional or for study purposes like as a student or even. If you use it for playing games and stuff, everybody wants their privacy and wants it to be respected.

In this case, what you gotta do is set up a password that is a sort of security or says privacy to your folders. So that your confidential data remains confidential and up to your reach. Only and nobody else until yourself allows them to by giving them access to the password.

Why You Should Know How To Password Protect A Folder

Now in all these cases and more like these not mentioned security and privacy are the biggest factors. Which are mainly passwords that are only known to you and are required whenever somebody wants access to your folders?

Coming to when your documents are stored at a certain place, you need them to be secured as everybody is allowed to have their own privacy and they should even have their own.

Now if you use a Mac or windows software no matter if you do want your folders to be protected and what can be better than a password or a passcode?

Password Protect Folder In Mac Computer

This process is fairly easy but it does need a slight workaround to get you there.

Step 1:

First of all, you gotta open disk utility which will be available to you down there in the Applications folder or you can just use the search bar to search for that.

Step 2:

Once you pull up disc utility,  you gotta go to file, hit the ‘new image’ option then the image from the folder and that will bring up certain options and you gotta choose where you gotta save it accordingly.

Let’s say you chose the downloads,  now you can change the name of the downloaded folder that you would like right there.

Step 3:

Go ahead and save it, now you gotta select again where you want to save and under encryption, there are two different options, 128 bits, and 256 bits, now the 128 bits one is the one recommended as its quite faster with getting your files later, where the 256 bits one is more secure but it’ll be slower getting you to your files later.

Step 3:

Once you have selected one of the two, it’s gonna ask you to add a password, once you have added that password twice,  you gotta hit choose, and then you’re gonna go down the image format.

Now if you would like to be able to be changing this folder and add to it you can hit read and write, if you would just like to make it so that no one can add or take away that particular folder you can hit read-only.

Step 4:

Once you are all done, you have to click on save and this will create a mount that folder, and once it’s done you’re gonna click done.

Point To Be Noted:

Now you may just go back to the specific folder on which you mounted the password and when you click on it, it will ask you for the password and hence your job is done.

You can also add for the computer to save and remember your password or you enter it every time you see it, completely depending upon you.

Password Protect Folder In Windows Computer

Now the process is not very different but does have a few changes; so start off with having a look at some files that you want to make private and lock into a folder.

So, how to password protect a folder. Here, firstly you gotta add in a password so that it is ready to do what you want to.

You can always use third-party software for adding security to your files and folders and being carefree and they are trustable as well.

But the risk they hold is if in case you accidentally or somebody else by means uninstalls or deletes that software from your device then all of a sudden all your security will wear off and your documents will be available for access to everybody having access to your device.

So for a safer approach, the security should be built in so that it goes nowhere and your data remains safe.

In Windows, you need to have a batch file to lock a folder so first of all, you gotta create it.

Step 1:

You gotta go to PasteBin and copy the text file code and save it on your device.

Step 2:

Then open notepad, click on the file in the upper left corner, and select “open”, then go to the location where you saved that file, open it, copy it and then paste it into the notepad. Or in case you don’t want to save the batch file code, you can just copy the text file code from the website itself and directly paste it into the notepad.

Step 3:

Now once you paste the code, you gotta find text string saying your password in the text code you copied. Once you find it, you gotta replace it with the password you want to secure your folder with.

Step 4:

Then click on the file and select save as and type the name of the file to whatever you want to keep, and then add an extension ‘.bat’ at the end of the file name and then save this file inside the folder you want to lock.

Step 5:

Now just go to the folder where you saved the file with ‘.bat’ extension and open it, a pop-up will appear asking to create a private folder where you will store your files. Reopen the ‘.bat’ file and confirm locking.

The folder is now locked.

Afterward, whenever you would open the folder, you will have to enter the password.

Additional Info:

Now the process in both Mac and windows is completely different as in one you are adding passwords to individual files and in another, you are creating a password-protected folder and then adding files to it.

But both of these processes of adding security to your files are very convenient and are like really trustable so that you can actually hand over your device.

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