(30+) Windows 10 Themes You Need To Install Now

Finding the best themes for Windows 10? Let’s discuss a few of them on this page. Here we’ve listed some of the best Windows 10 themes of all time. Which are popular among Windows 10 users, all these themes for Windows are free to download and ready to use.

1. Papyros Windows 10 Themes

If the Windows 10 users are tired of the black and white themes then these Papyros Windows 10 themes are best for them. Users when they will have a look at the Papyrus themes they will find that it is the best theme of all. It is the simplest one which includes icons of flatforms.

windows theme 10

A few colors are also there for the users to select as per their choice. Other than the black and white, there are many choices for the users to have for their theme here.

It also doesn’t appear any type of complicated one, though it is much easier to perform on this and the view is too much of the perfect way to have.

Download: Windows Themes

2. Minim VS Windows 10 Theme

The best theme to have for the combination of a background in the dark form is to have the Minim VS  Windows 10 themes.

These are the best ones for your Windows 10 device. It has the light shade for Windows in open form. The appearance might be gray and a bit colorless, but as per the style, the view is perfect here.

download Windows 10 Themes

Also, it includes a bit of distraction for the users. If the users get tired then they can easily add the color of the different one on it to the given title bar. The icons on the right side, have a link for it. For the perfect performance in the case of the themes, Minim VS is the best to get.

Download: Windows Themes

3. Royal Skinpack Windows 10 Themes

For the best sophistication and the perfect view of the Windows 10 screen, the Royal Skinpack is the solution for it. It is a soothing Windows 10 theme for users.

A view is a majestic form. It gives the best feeling when the viewers will watch it. It can also be used for the Windows 7 device and also can be in Windows XP.

download themes for windows

By just having a single look, users will immediately go for having it for their device. For the best effect on the screen, a clear and attractive view is great to have.

Others will too want to have it when they will see it on your screen. It appears in a leaf form which is best to have a natural look.

Download: Windows Themes

4. Grey Eve Skin Windows 10 Themes

If we discuss the dark mode themes, then it will be a great option to have the Grey Eve Skin themes. It will give the best effect and will enable the users to stay easily to their body to stay in front of their devices.

It will create the best balance between the user and the view of the dark mode and will allow them to work on the device perfectly.

dark themes for Windows 10

The eye strain issues will be reduced which will be the best thing to get from this theme. Going from one file to the other will be much easier for the users. None of the other changes are needed here. It’s one of the perfect Windows 10 dark themes on our list.

Download: Windows Themes

5. Hacker Windows 10 Themes

This theme will give a great effect on the users as the class hacker of the world. The best thing here is that the users can easily change the image from the hacker to the Raider one.

It will offer a wallpapers slideshow that will feature the logo along with the other classic forms of symbols of hackers.

hacker theme for windows

Also, it has the text green color which will be best for the cursors in animated forms, and the modified icons for the desktops.

In actuality, it is the mischief and the trouble-looking hacking theme which is the great thing to have for the look of the hacker. The people who are ethical hackers can get it and can look for their Windows 10.

Download: Windows Themes

6. Windows Throwback Windows 10 Themes

If the users want the feeling of the same as the time of the 80s, then this throwback theme is perfect for them. It will take them to the time of the 1980s and will give a great effect on them at that time.

If the users will take them to that pack, then this theme will allow them to get the best designs of the tubular form in resurrecting it.

Windows 10 Microsoft Theme

The parachute pants and the best love the users have for the 1980s will be shown here in these themes. Along with the view of the desktop background, it is also offering the users the 4k features of bright colors.

Also, the floppy forms of classic disks are there with it. This decade will be much better if the users will have this theme.

Download: Windows Themes

7. Ubuntu Light Windows 10 Themes

Along with the craze of dark themes, many people are there who like light themes much. Light themes usually give a relaxed feeling when the users view them. As in load of the stress of much work in their Windows 10 device, it is the best solution to have light themes.

Ubuntu theme for Windows

Ubuntu light is the best to have for it. It offers the users a perfect effect of the different forms of colors of the themes. It includes the simpler and much prettier forms of themes with the best wallpapers of complimentary type.

Users have the option there for the selection of lighter as well as the darker form of wallpapers for their device.

Download: Windows Themes

8. Glass Windows 10 Themes

It is another different form of the theme including the view and best formation of glass. It has many choices for the users in different glass forms that they can have for their use.

Not only the borders will have a view of the glass, but the whole theme will give the glass effect to the users.

download glass theme for Windows

The perfect theme of a unique view it has which attracts the eyes so easily. Users will not get confused when they will apply it as it has a clear view when they will look at it.

Such themes are liked by everyone and have become the most used due to their classy look of it. Various kinds of options are there which will intimate people to select the best of their choice.

Download: Windows Themes

9. Nvidia AU Windows 10 Themes

If there is a need for all none collections of themes then the solution is the nVidia themes. The best combination it has of the dark as well as the colorful themes.

When applied, it will give the best effect on the users’ screen. Such soothing effects are much more attractive and perfect in look.

Nvidia Theme Download

The emerald screen gives a great effect on the screen which is much attractive and has an eye relaxing formation. The most useful and the most applied themes it is.

The vivid colors here are much in combination to give the appearance of totally in good view. Options on the screen will appear so clear and perfect after applying.

Download: Windows Themes

10. NBA Windows 10 Themes

Many of the users may remember that at the time when they were a kid they had posters in their rooms. It may be of Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’ Neal.

If they are still fans of them, then these themes are literally the best. The features here usually have such biggest names in the b-ball from the last decades.

NBA Theme Download

The background of the themes usually changes for the time of about every 30 seconds for making the look appear much fresh.

Customization of the desktop has the logo of NBA, sneakers of Jordan, along with the trophy of NBA Championship of Larry O’Brien. It is best to have with the users who are their fans.

Download: Windows Themes

11. Star Wars Ultimate Windows 10 Themes

Users also are a fan of star wars which is the best view we have seen. But what about if they appear as a theme, it will be pretty good.

If the users are in great love with the force, then this theme of ultimate star wars is great for them. It displays the variety of characters on the screen including the galaxy form of it.

Star Wars Theme

The custom artwork which it depicts has formations of various types in its display. The theme Raider has backgrounds along with the modified form of cursors. Desktop icons have the features of villains as well as the heroes that are of the era at the time of the Star Wars saga.

Download: Windows Themes

12. Forgotten Relics Windows 10 Themes

It is always been noted that there is always much more excited about the crashing of planes, shipwrecks, buildings that are abandoned, and even many more.

The perfect view on the screen of the loss of humanity; the beautiful landscapes that are lost along with the backdrops of haunting formations have different kinds of effects on the eyes.

Forgotten Relics Download

Such themes will appear much wonderful on the Windows 10 screen and will give a wonderful effect on it. It is best to have and will also attract others to have for them.

Along with this, it will increase the inspiration in the people for traveling to the world when they will install the theme.

Download: Windows Themes

13. Hover Dark Aero Windows 10 Themes

The name only given here tells about the sensation that it will give to the users in their eyes when they will view it. The best effect along with the wonderful appearance of this theme is up to the mark.

Such a soothing it is to have with you on your Windows 10 device and the best Windows 10 Dark Themes from our list.

download dark theme for Windows

The edges of the given Windows will do the hovering of the screen on the computer. It has darker as well as lighter versions of the different types of themes.

Perfect view it has for the users which will easily attract others too to have it on their screen. The versions of three types are there here with different forms of effects for the choice of users.

Download: Windows Themes

14. Aero Glass Windows 10 Themes

For simplicity along with the refreshing view of the screen, this aero glass is best for the users. It has the best modification of the edges along with the borders.

The making is there for the translucid which allows the users in viewing the great theme. It may appear as a factor of distracting type when the users use it.

download aero glass theme for Windows 10

It may appear as a blurred form but it is not the main issue to have. The old glass is there as a view that gives the feeling of the best form in the Windows. If the Windows is in the form of default settings or the personalized type, then it will have a great effect on the screen.

Download: Windows Themes

15. Bouquet Windows 10 Themes

If the users have the mind in need of a soothing type and they need the effects of relaxed forms then bouquet themes are the best. It has the themes of darker ones, including flowers of different types.

It is like the same acquisition types. The whole pack includes the substyles of combinations of various kinds that will allow the users to get a beautiful view.

Bouquet Theme Windows 10

The better screen view will give the users in getting a relaxed form of feel to them. Flowers of varieties are there which is a great solution for the users. Users are involved in much time working on their computers and this theme will enable them in using the best of all.

Download: Windows Themes

16. The Animal Kingdom Windows 10 Themes

The most beautiful thing which everyone suggests having as a theme is the photos of various animals. It brightens the day of the people when they see them.

The store of Microsoft includes the themes of the Animal Kingdom in 15 images of different types. It has horses, frogs, meerkats, and even many more.

animal kingdom theme

They all are in the form of enjoying themselves which is best in view. It entertains the users and even it will make it more exciting if the users have children in their homes.

The view is too great and is even cuter than anything. The screen appears to be the wonderful one and the best one with it.

Download: Windows Themes

17.  The Northern Lights Windows 10 Themes

For the choice of classic types and for the best view to have for your screen, the themes of Northern lights are the best. Earlier too there were the various lights which are great for the background on the computer.

The theme in the Microsoft of Northern lights takes to the extreme level of view with the best images of different areas worldwide.

The Northern Lights theme

The wanderlust view of the pictures in the nighttime of the sky is taken from Iceland, Norway, and the Death Valley, and even much more is there. There are a total several 15 choices for the users to select as per their needs. Most of them are much stunning in various places.

Download: Windows Themes

18. Awesome Anime Windows 10 Themes

It includes the different types of wallpapers of 21 options which features various types of characters in it.

The themes of awesome anime come from the theme pack which is the best offering to the users. Most people are the biggest fan of it and even use them for showing off as a fan.

anime theme for windows 10

There are varieties of options for the artwork in the stages of multiple forms. Users can easily make the selection between the drawings through the use of pencils or the various colors of pieces that features various characters from anime.

The culture of Japanese is also there which includes the images on the desktop along with the bowls of ramen in it.

Download: Windows Themes

19. Janguru Windows 10 Themes

If there is a need for darker along with stylish forms of themes then Janguru themes are the best for Windows 10. The icons employed here are keyboards, mice, and even many more.

There is a view of onigiri as well as of rice too. The view is original here. The best customization of the desktop is made by these themes.

Janguru Windows 10 Themes

The view of the screen is so attractive as the digital form of the screen it makes after applying there. The icon for which it stands for is for desktop viewing to the great extent. For the latest graphics view along with the screen customizing, it is the best to have for yourself at this time.

Download: Windows Themes

20. Flattastic Windows 10 Themes

Users need stylish themes then they can go for the Flattastic themes for their computer. It will give the best brightening look to the screen and a beautiful view of it.

Various colors are there which give the attractive look to the screen. The colorful themes here have a soothing effect on the eyes and are the best to have.

download windows dark theme

Files and folders will appear great on the screen with the best view of the user screen display are the best which is also eye-catchy and perfect. It is great to have for yourself which will also attract other users too to have it on their devices.

It has a variety of colors with different forms for your screen. Well, it is also a Windows 10 dark theme.

Download: Windows Themes

21. 3D Windows 10 Themes

This theme collection of gorgeous 3D from Themepack. I include the backgrounds of fascinating forms which include the 3D figures. There are also interesting forms of shapes with many types of colors that the users can easily stare at front of them.

3D Theme For Windows 10

If the job or the assignment is of a particular form of intense as well as grueling type then the users can easily take a break and can have a look at the soothing effect of the objects. These themes can also be used for showing off interest in science, art, and even technology.

It will bring the users a variety of learning too about the different objects that they will see in this theme.

Download: Windows Themes

22. Groove Windows 10 Theme

This theme also not only does the changing of the wallpapers and the colors but also it does the changing of icons in the given window.

Groove Theme

The shape of the icon is not much different from the regular version of windows but the shade of green is mixed with the type of wallpapers that gives a great feeling to the users.

Other than the soft color of green, there is a great contrast between dark as well as light color themes in it.

Download: Windows Themes

23. Startisback Windows 10 Themes

If the users are missing the old version of the Windows 7 start menu along with the view of the taskbar, then they can go for the Startisback themes.

Black Theme For Windows 10

If they want to have it again on their computer though they have the device of Windows 10, then they can have it. Through this theme, the users will be able to get enjoyment beautiful times without disturbing Windows 10. It is the best to have for your Windows 10 device.

Download: Windows Themes

24. Ades Windows 10 theme

The theme discussion always starts with the latest and the standard views of it. If the users want the standard types of themes then why not have the Ades themes for their device? It includes the standard themes of much prettier types that don’t even get the other forms to have other than this.

Ades theme

The green, as well as the dark coloring of the themes, gives a soothing effect to the users. The users who don’t want any of the change of dramatic form to their screen can have this theme for their computers.

Download: Windows Themes

25. Maverick Windows 10 Themes

It includes the beautiful form of a pack of themes in which the users can select the dark as well as the clean mode for their computers.

Maverick download

The various shades of black that are in a combination of orange give the vibes of exceptional and are also the ideal forms.

Those users who want dark themes for their screens can get the best benefit from it. There are also soft as well as light tones that will give a great effect on the eyes of the users.

Download: Windows Themes

26. Unity Windows 10 Theme

Users if they need the standard form of themes, then they can go for unity. They usually include the themes of variations in different types for Windows 10.

The unique thing it has is icons that appear in an outstanding form there on the screen along with the mesmerizing look of it.

Unity Theme For Windows

The screen becomes the best power affecting its great value to it. For the look and for the accessing of it the clear vision and the best of all it is. The great thing is for the best view it has to the users who will also attract other people for having it on their devices.

Download: Windows Themes

27. Mercurian Windows 10 Theme

This theme collection is for users who are in deep connection with the colors blue as well as black. If they need that, then they can get it here easily.

Download Best Windows 10 Theme

Dark themes for Windows here are well combined with the blue if they have to work during the nighttime. They are the simpler ones and the charming look it gives to the users. Various other attractive things are there in it when the users will apply them to their devices.

Download: Windows Themes

28. Anthem Two Windows 10 Themes

At the time, there is a need for new forms of the palette of the colors of themes to get something new. Along with the pastels of different colors, which include grey as well as pink, the anthem two themes give a soothing effect to the users.

Blue Color Windows 10 Theme

The landscape view when the users will download them from Themepack. I will get a great collection to them. A similar effect will be there for the users at night mode on different devices every time.

Download: Windows Themes

29. Overwatch Windows 10 Theme

The sports world is usually the best to see as it includes various characteristics of sports that are exciting to have as view. What if they appear as a theme on your computer, nothing else will be best other than this.

The background of Theme Raider offers all the favorite heroes with the different features of the tracer as well as the teleporter.

Overwatch Windows Theme

It also provides the cursors in modified forms along with the icons of the desktop by giving the best view to the users. They don’t even have to take figure out in delivering the payload. It is one of the best Windows 10 Themes

Download: Windows Theme

30. Dragoon X Windows 10 Theme

If the users want themes of many beautiful types then why not have silk themes for it? It will give the best enhancement to the operating system and will give the great look to the Windows 10 device.

Dragoon X Theme

It will change the whole look of the screen and will give the proper customized look to the users. As per the various types of colors, the screen will appear much wonderful on the computer.

Download: Windows Themes

Wrapping Up

I hope this information was best about the themes for Windows 10. Tell us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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