Printer is Offline How To Fix [Complete Steps]

My Printer is offline how to fix that!

Now while you are working, using your computer device or your laptop, though the paperwork has lessened up quite a lot even then there are times. Hard copies of documents can not be replaced. In such cases, printers are of utmost importance. Now some times these devices show up quite some errors which are eventually common but do create quite a lot of problems.

How To Fix Printer is Offline

A lot of times it might happen that your device is not able to detect the printer you actually have to use for your work which can cause issues.

When you yourself don’t know how to come up with the issue and you actually have to go up to someone for help, which ends up eating a lot of time of you. So, its quite convenient if you can handle minute technical issues on your own.

Printer is Connected But Shows Offline Status

If your printer is showing up offline being connected, then to fix this issue.

Step 1:

Switch your PC or computer on, to whichever your printer is connected.

Step 2:

Once you are on the home screen, click on start on the extreme left bottom and then go to the search panel. In there you gotta type, ‘Control Panel’.

Step 3:

The control panel will show up in the searches. Click on it to open it. When you will open it, several options will come up where you gotta click on, ‘Hardware and Sound’, the one that has the subtitle showing up ‘View devices and printers’.

Step 4:

When you click on it, a list of printers opens up which all like one or multiple, however are connected to your device.
Now give an eye to the specific printer you are looking for and then right-click on it.

Step 5:

A drop down will appear in which you gotta select Printer properties.

Step 6:

A dialogue box appears which shows up with multiple tabs on the above. Among them, click on the ports tab on the third.

Step 7:

In there, a list appears with the printers where you gotta select your printer. And then click on Configure Port.

Step 8:

Another dialogue box appears where you gotta check SNMP status enabled. If it is unchecked select it and see if you can connect now to your printer.

• Press Ok and then close.

Now this is like a very easy process and common issues are resolved with it but in case they’re not then.

Step 9:

Go to ‘My computer’. Get an eye on your printer and right-click on it. A drop-down appears, where you gotta click on select as default printer. After selecting it, press ok.

Now it should be online.

Method 2: USB Cable Troubleshoot For Printer

Now in case you are using a USB cable to connect to your printer, then

Step 1:

Go to ‘My computer’, and get an eye on your printer and right-click on it, and in the drop-down, you gotta select ‘remove device’.

Step 2:

A confirmation dialogue box will appear where you gotta click on ‘Yes’.

Step 3:

Then click on ‘Add printer ‘ on the left side on the tab appearing above. Wait for your device to find your printer. Now you should be able to see your printer.

Step 1:

Close the window. Right-click on your printer you just added and in the drop-down select set as default.

Now the issue should be fixed.

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