3 Ways To Change Default Google Account

Looking for the topic of How to Change the default Google Account? Here we have the perfect assignment on it how you can change it

Users can easily change their default Google account as well as their Gmail account and can add the new one there. It requires various steps to be followed for it.

How To Change Default Google Account

Here are the explained procedure of how you can change the default Google Account:-

( Procedure 1 ) Sign Out And Again Login

Step 1

Go for the navigation of the website of http://mail.google.com on the browser and open it.

Step 2

After that do the clicking on your profile picture of yours. It is there on the location of the upward side to the corner of the right of the given screen of mail.

Users will get a view of the given list of accounts of Google that are associated with the computer.

Step 3

Do the signing out of the accounts of any type in which you are logged in. Through clicking on the different accounts from the given menu on the profile picture in the given window of the new one, and then click on the button of Sign Out.

It is located on the downside to the rightward corner of the given list of accounts.

Step 4

Sign in to the required account that you want to make as the default one there. Users can go to the website of http://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?hal=en-US.

Take a check that you are performing this only after all the other accounts that you have signed out. Do the logging in of the default account.

Users will get the view of the default that is written after their account in the list of it. Do the refreshing of the page if it is not there.

Step 5

Now sign in to the other forms of accounts of Google that you want. Take the proper check that any other kinds of accounts after you have logged in as per the desire of the given default account.

( Procedure 2 ) Changing The default Gmail Account

Step 1

Do the navigation to your Gmail inbox of yours. Take proper checks that this is the default account before you proceed further.

Step 2

Click on the profile picture. It is located on the upward side of the given corner to the right of the page of the inbox.

Step 3

Now go to the Sign Out option which is there in the menu of the dropdown. The default type of Gmail account along with the other links of the accounts will sign out there.

Step 4

After that go for the default account as preferred there.

Step 5

Do the entering of the password of the account.

Step 6

Click on the option of Sign in. Users will now be signed into their default account which is preferred and then they can add their other accounts to the default one.

(Procedure 3 ) Adding The Google Accounts

Step 1

Go for the clicking the profile photo.

Step 2

Click on the Add Account option which is located in the menu of the dropdown.

Step 3

Now click on the name of the account which you want to add there. Also, if the users want, they can click on the Add Account option and then can go for the addition of the new account.

Step 4

Type there the password of your additional account. If the users are adding there the previous account which is not linked there, then they will need to get the email address also.

Step 5

Go for the option of Signing in when it is completed. The second account will now sign in there and will be in link to the default one.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

I want to change my default Google account, but I don’t want to sign out?

At the moment, there are no alternatives available for changing your default account without first signing out. Nevertheless, there are ways to make switching between accounts easier. For instance, changing your Gmail account is altered with the “Google account switcher into the same window” addon.

How can I modify my Android’s default Google account?

Changing the default account on your phone is even more straightforward. All you have to do is go into your phone settings and remove all of the logged-in Google accounts, except for the one you want to make default. When the other accounts are removed, the one remaining is “promoted” to default.12-May-2022

How can I alter my default email address?

Modify your default email address

Selected Account Settings under File > Account Settings. Choose the account you wish to use as the default account from the list of accounts on the Email tab. Choose Close > Set as Default.

Wrapping Up

This topic will make the readers understand how they can change the default account of google. Tell us in the comment section about your views on it. Also, give a read to our more topics.

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