How to Change Child’s Age on Google Account

For letting the change in the age of your child on google account, google offers the basic management for it.  You can easily monitor by the form of getting the requirements done although it includes some basic steps for it. You can also create an account in Google for your child and can add a supervise option to your existing account of google. You can add up to the family link and can turn the notifications on or off. It can also give the location possible to the android device and can change the filters for need. You can go through the family link for the account settings management in your child’s account.

How to Change Child’s Age on Google Account

Therefore,  here are the various steps you need to follow for changing your child’s age in google accounts:-

Making Settings in the Account

You can easily make the settings in your account for your child as it may include various steps to be followed for it. By selecting the required form of work, you can easily go for it.

  • Firstly going to the controls on the google play will enable you to download the various approvals and also the restrictions that are allowed for the contents.
  • By enabling the websites shown on google chrome.
  • You can also go to the filters that are given on the search of google.
  • It also ensures the location that is visible on the android devices

Monitoring your Child’s Account

As it is based on the purpose of the required form of the given settings shown on the google account, it becomes quite difficult in handling the features which won’t work. For this purpose.

  • You can open the family link app for use.
  • Select the ID of your child and go to the required website.
  • Then on the given settings option, you can select the manage settings option and then go to the required form of activity control and can easily select it.
  • Check the family link for the purpose of going to the choose option and then controlling the required file of the existing account.

Editing and Verifying the Account

Here in the given option, you can find that the files available for the child are the account management. that is required for the extra security purpose.

  • If the child verification is done in the form of giving the better of the required notification. it will be quite easier for that purpose in saving the account.
  • You can turn the sign up for your account to the purpose of the settings option. and then can easily manage it according to the basic requirement.