20+ Antivirus Apps for Android and iPhone

As in today’s era, it appears that consumer technology is going much more in mobile devices. The powerful smartphones are getting renewed in a faster way. Wherever we see, and wherever we visit, the electronic gadgets are all with us. As the smartphones and the tablets are in the development speed in the devices of universal form Antivirus Apps, the financial information is also handled through them.

As such devices play an important role in our lives, we need to keep them in the secured form. For that here we have represented the various antivirus that will do the proper protection of your devices.

The antivirus apps also will give you the ability to backing up of the contacts and the various data, tracking of the Device, the Antivirus Apps features, and even many more. Here we have listed a few of them.

Avast Antivirus

It is known for the popular antivirus apps on any of the platforms. The boosting which it provides is over millions of downloads and includes various features. The features here are app lock, antivirus scanning, anti-theft support, call blocker, photo vault, and also the firewall for the rooted android devices.

avast antivirus app

It is the perfect tool if you even don’t require the Antivirus Apps there. It also has booster features but it is a recommendation to avoid them. The subscription of Avast is not that bad if we discuss them. This app appears with the offer the 14 days free for the free trial demo of this product.

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Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

It is also the popular antivirus apps available out there. It includes both the free and paid version. Both of the versions provide the call and SMS blocking, anti-theft, virus updates, scanning, and many more features. Both of them have the scanning feature of the device for the malware and also the same stuff for it.

kaspersky app

It is also not that heavy as the other biggest Antivirus Apps. Also, it doesn’t include the nasty features of boosting which even doesn’t work properly. It is best to see the app of antivirus which multiples the purpose of it in trying the stretching the stuff which even doesn’t have sense. The premium version of Kaspersky is $14.95 each year. It is for both iOS as well as android devices.

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McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is the bigger name in the Antivirus Apps. Also, it is one of the heaviest ones. It includes the features of anti-spyware, anti-theft, scanning, and also the locking feature of security. Other than this, it can also take the photos of the phone thief, can perform the recording of locations to the cloud at the time before the shutting down of the phone and even much more stuff it can access.


It also has various standalone apps for performing other kinds of things. The UI here is a bit old and it doesn’t appear a bit good. Also, it accesses the boosting of features that don’t even work and also require the creation of an account for going in the pro version. It is for the access of both iOS and Android devices Antivirus Apps.

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Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos is one of the perfect antivirus apps and the ultimate app for anti-malware to access in Android. It has the basic stuff which id protection from malware, virus scanner, web filtering, theft protection, app protection, the security of wi-fi, and even many other forms of stuff. It performs all such functions for free and even without any kind of advertising.

Sophos Intercept X

Also, it doesn’t include the functions of garbage booster which even doesn’t work. The safe function of the password here is fully compatible with KeePass Antivirus Apps and it comes with the authenticator function for the multi-factor authentication. It is not an open recommendation to go for any of the antivirus apps, but if you require then go for this one.

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Google Play Protect

It is a well-known app for antivirus software. It performs the scanning of the apps on the device and after that compares them from the versions of Google Play of that app. It allows for understanding the similarity and dissimilarity between them. Such a combination with the protection of the existing one in Google Play does the creation of a positive barrier of security.

Guide for Google Play Protect

Also, it is free and you might have it on your device but doesn’t have to access anything for its use. Common sense works to the most and is better for the device for use of it other than the antivirus apps that are not in proper access and simply destroy your time. It has a valuable resource with some of the apps running in the background. You can smoothly do the use of it and can secure your android device to the best Antivirus Apps.

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360 Security

It is in actual a mixed form. A few of its security is not bad and it includes the other half a quiet normal. This app performs the scanning for the activity of potential malware though the find rate is a bit higher other than the belief of people. Though Facebook is bad, it is not malware.

Safe Security app

If we discuss, then it is decent, the app of super basic antivirus which performs the scanning and will show the potential vulnerabilities. It also features the phone booster and also the features of the phone accelerator. It is a recommendation not to use such features because they don’t work and will even make the phone go in worse condition.

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It is the new Antivirus Apps if we discuss it. It is growing much faster than the last tear. It comes with the basic features of real-time protection, scanning of the device, the scanning of the external SD card, and even many more.

Avira Antivirus app

The various other features that are scanning of Privacy, support of anti-theft, blacklisting, and also the features of device admin. It is a bit lighter app like the other antivirus apps. It is also not that expensive and is cheaper. If you require the very basic features then go for the free version of this.

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AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is another large antivirus app in the space of it. In actuality, it is a bit the same as AVAST. In the year of 2016, AVAST has purchased this AVG Antivirus Apps. The experience is also much the same in both of the apps of antivirus. You can perform the scanning of the phone and can search for the vulnerabilities in potential form in most of the similar way.

avg app

It has the tracking option through Google Maps though it doesn’t include the availability of firewall root as AVAST has. Therefore they are different to be products of different features. It has a subscription availability of $2.99 for a month and $11.99 for a year.

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Bitdefender Free Antivirus

This antivirus of Bitdefender is the fully free Antivirus Apps. It has not changed and is the same from past years. It provides the features of basic scanning, quick performance, simple interface, and none of the configuration. For the needs of super basic, it is the best one for them.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

It only performs the stuff of scanning and sitting there and then waiting for the stuff to start the scanning again. It includes the Bitdefender app in the depth form. Though it is better for those people who want the antivirus of a simple one. It is free with none of the app purchases or any of the subscriptions. But it includes a few advertising. It is only for Android devices.

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Dr.Web Security Space

The Dr. Web is one of the older Antivirus Apps and the anti-malware app. It includes the various decent features which have the scan of full and quick, protects from ransomware, the space of quarantine, and also the stats. Along with this, it has the best features of anti-theft, the filtering of call and SMS, parental controls, URL filtering, the firewall, and even many more.

dr web app

It is also a bit cheaper. The plans are from $7.99 to $15.99 for one or two years. It also provides a lifetime license for $74.99. The license of a lifetime is a bit pricey but is a great opportunity to have from the subscription of monthly if you want such kind of route. It is for both iOS and Android devices.

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ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

It is another vast name of the antivirus and also the Antivirus Apps worldwide. It includes various features, which has support if anti-theft, scans, the security of auditor feature, scheduling of scan, and even many more. The process of setup here is a bit different.

eset mobile secuirty

The requirement is only that it asks for the email address. Though the working of it is much better. It provides the one-month free trial it the time after installation. The plan here is $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. It is also not that heavy as the  AVG or AVAST is. Though is heavier than the Security of CM or Bitdefender. It is worth to have the security antivirus of ESET. It is for both iOS and Android devices.

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Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout is also the most popular Antivirus Apps. It appears with the pre-installed app on various devices mostly on the carriers such as T-Mobile. The basics that are performed here are much proper. It includes the protection of phishing, scans, features of anti-theft, and even many more.

Lookout Mobile Security

Also, it comes with the kinds of stuff of unique ones such as identity protection, WiFi scanning, and insurance of identity. It provides the perspective of a bit different than the other antivirus apps. The plans are $2.99 for a month are $29.99 for a year. It is best for the antivAntivirus Appsirus or anti-malware app. It is for both iOS and also for Android devices.

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Malwarebytes Security

It is also popular for the antivirus apps on Windows. The version of the mobile is also the best. The features have the perfect updated version of virus database, support of malware and ransomware removal, a tracker of permission, and even many more.

Anti-Malware app

Also, it can perform the scanning of messages in WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, and many more for the blockage of dangerous links. It performs the usual stuff of scanning perfectly. The app appears to be better and also the access is good and is also not much heavy as the other Antivirus Apps. The price for the plans is $1.49 for a month and $11.99 for a year.

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Trend Micro Antivirus

The Trend Micro is the overall selection of a decent one for the antivirus app. It provides the features of the usual stuff like the scans of the device by which it performs the checking if the Antivirus Apps have malware in them or not. Like the other apps, the largest feature is the secondary types.

Trend Micro

It includes the proper prevention of apps which has malware, the function of web security, checker of public WiFi, and also the security function of stuff in random form. The tend here is for staying in the wheelhouse here. Various functions are there free. Though it includes the plan of $4.99 for a month and the $19.99 for a year. The subscription is a must here for getting all of the stuff. It is for both iOS and Android devices Antivirus Apps.

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Express VPN

It is the trusted antivirus app that performs the securing of virtual private industry of network, and it is for a better reason. The service is super fast and is safe in an extreme form. The boosting of the SSL secured network with the encryption of 256 bit is there and for access.

express vpn

The bandwidth of the ultimate form is there with high speed. ExpressVPN includes servers in countries of 94 in over the locations of 145 throughout the world. Therefore, there will be a location near you for providing the perfect experience in a better way. The connection can be accessed only in a single tap Antivirus Apps.

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F-Secure Safe

The F-Secure SAFE comes with the browser of custom one which gives the various ways in keeping the safety online. It starts with the easiest filtering of the web that blocks access to the dangerous sites, reduces the change which will run into any of the malware. It is necessary because any of the malicious files can affect the iPhone and can occur various problems.

F-Secure SAFE app

If you are sharing the files with anyone then it will guide you with the protection in a proper way. The feature of banking protection here gives the security check of each of the websites whichever you visit for the confirmation on the list of banking or online shopping. The indicator gives the view of the safety verdict at a time. It is for the iPhone devices as well as for Android devices.

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Fyde Mobile Security & Access

As it is not the app of security, though it provides the focus on the Protection of identity and the controls of Privacy. It is necessary as in today’s era the websites malicious apps, and also the malware is becoming more in corrupting the hardware.

Mobile Security

As the app is not only free but provides the aim fir putting the low stress on the battery. This app on its own is a simple one to access and allows for the selection of anonymous data of any of the attacks that are registered to the community of Fyde. It is the app of modest which delivers to perfection. It is for iPhone devices.

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Total AV

TotalAV is more of an assistant to us. It provides for the cleaning of the iPhone from the files of unwanted ones, duplicate photos, screenshots, which can overload the memory of the device. It appears as the free version which can offer anything to you. The package of paid one will do the unlocking of various features such as encrypted type, Online Hidden activities, Secure Internet banking, and even many more.

Malware removal apps

Though the feature of the management of the photos and keeping of the files in a bit of chaotic type and not using as a form of a pleasant one. The primary goal of them is to make it a bit easier in getting rid of the kinds of stuff that are of no use. It is only for iOS devices.

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Panda Antivirus

As the other applications can be downloaded through the App Store, Panda suggests visiting the site and purchasing the product there. This antivirus app that we can get in the App store is the Panda Mobile Security and Panda Cloud Drive. Though such apps will not work properly. As they are free and also are in poor fie their low rating.

Antivirus apps for iOS

Due to this, the case was dismissed from the App Store and includes the information on the official site. Panda performs the checking of Wi-Fi connections and will report there if any of the malware is included. The paid version of it includes useful features and services. The free version will provide only the basic data in encrypted form and the tracking feature. It is for the iPhone devices only.

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Webroot SecureWeb Browser

It is the free app that will perform the searching of the threats and will give proper protection from the websites of malicious ones and through the attacks of phishing. The features here are of real-time protection scanning which will enable the safe search in the search engines of popular ones. It also secures the passwords and will help in avoiding the data of websites from leaking. It’s also one of the best premium antivirus apps from our list.

antivirus apps for android

The pleasing interface here will be there with all of the required features on the home page. You can perform scanning for any of the viruses and threats. The manual setup of the protection level here is to perfection. The latest version of this will provide for the fixation of the bugs and the defects of performance.

It offers the Security of Internet package which will be best to have. It ranges for $, 37.49 for a year and renewal is $49.99. The complete package of Internet security is $59.99 for a year and the subscription is $79.99 for a year. It is only for iPhone devices.

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Norton Mobile Security App

It protects the connection of Wi-Fi, surf through Browser, and also the overall updates of OS. It is appreciable here for the scans in vulnerable form and the alerts of ransomware. The interesting thing is the Norton performs the scanning of the SMS and the various files which includes personal information.

Norton Mobile Security

It functions on the technology of Symantec’s Security and the engine of Response which can do the attacks stoppage and for the threats of online. It shields the device from the attacks of WiFi and malicious websites. Other than this, the website of the Norton provides the parental supervision and features of Control. It is for iOS devices as well as for Android devices.

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Using the Antivirus apps

As the antivirus apps come with the three schemes:- free, paid, and freemium. The premium allows for the selection of the limited features either for free or for the premium version which will provide the various features that are similar to the paid apps. Apps that will offer the various features for free will show you the ads too.

It will include the mechanisms of anti-theft, the advisor also for examining and the selection of apps the security scanners of WiFi. Both the paid and premium apps will offer good features to you. The important factor here is that the type of protection from malware it provides then the others. To check for the protection of the security, see that which of the Antivirus offers more security.

Final Words

Here we have listed a few of the Antivirus apps which will provide you security and protection at the same time. Read all and get which one will fit you to the best.  Go for the read on this and tell as a comment on this. Also, read our more topics of malware removal apps and for much knowledge.

Which antivirus programme is the most trustworthy, and why?

McAfee Antivirus Plus is an antivirus that has won the Editors’ Choice award and provides protection for an unlimited number of devices. Both Kaspersky Security Cloud and Norton 360 Deluxe are recognised as Editors’ Choice products for cross-platform security suites. Furthermore, both products get high marks in testing on both Windows and Android.

Exist any free versions of antivirus software?

With Avast Mobile Security, our free antivirus software for Android, you can guard your device against viruses and other forms of malware. Over 435 million individuals place their faith in this brand.

What are the limitations of free antivirus software?

There is no such thing as a completely free antivirus programme. There is none. There is always going to be some kind of “cost” involved. The majority of antivirus software providers restrict the free versions of their products to only provide minimal levels of protection.

Do antivirus programmes have a place on smartphones?

If you use your Android phone in a responsible manner, you won’t run the risk of contracting a virus and won’t require an antivirus programme on it. You are in excellent condition so long as your gadget supports Google’s Play Store.

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