5 Ways To Fix SIM Not Provisioned for Voice / MM#2

SIM Not Provisioned- Most of the time when you insert the SIM Card into your mobile phone and its shows an error message “SIM not provisioned for the voice” or “SIM not provisioned for MM#2”. Mainly, this error shows due to the SIM Card.

You may insert the damaged, torn, or old SIM Not Provisioned in the brand new smartphone. This is maybe due to the reason that the SIM Not Provisioned. In case if this is not the case then you can try the below-given methods.

What is SIM Not Provisioned Error?

This is a SIM card in which the phone cannot able to read the SIM card. Mainly, the reason for this is the SIM Card is not activated, your service provider has suspended the SIM card or else there is a technical issue the SIM Card slot on your phone.

SIM Not Provisioned

Things To Consider Before Performing Troubleshoot

These are important points that you must consider before performing below given troubleshooting steps.

  1. Try to insert the SIM Card into another cell phone to know if it worked or not.
  2. Restart the Cell Phone without exiting the SIM Card.
  3. Get a New SIM Card if the Old SIM Card shows the error.
  4. Contact to the Call & Text Service provider and tell the SIM Card issue.
  5. Any other relevant point to consider for the SIM Card Error.

Fix “SIM Card Not Provisioned” Error on Android / iPhone

Use these methods to fix the SIM Not Provisioned error on your Android phone or tablet without having a hassle.

1. Restart Your Cell Phone

Firstly, try to restart your cell phone without taking out the SIM Not Provisioned. Sometimes due to some technical bug, the SIM card cannot be read by the cell phone device.

These errors issues can be easily fixed when you restart your device. Press the Power button on your cell phone for a few seconds and select the “Shutdown” or “Power off” option from the display screen.

Again, when the cell phone is turned off. Press the same power button for a few seconds and the device will turn on. Now check if the SIM card error is resolved if not then move to the next method.

2. Properly Insert The SIM Card

If after powering off the cell phone cannot able to fix the issue then the issue is not with the SIM card Activation or the network.

This issue can be caused by improper insertion of the SIM Not Provisioned or with the shape of the card. Now, you to check if the SIM Card is properly seated on the SIM card Slot.

  • If you have an old cell phone in which the SIM card is inserted into the back. Then turn off the cell phone and re-insert the SIM card.
  • Else, if you’re using a modern cell phone with comes with non-removable batteries. The SIM Card into these cell phones inserted at the left side of the display opposite to the power and volume button. You need a SIM eject tool to open the SIM card slot and then insert the card into the slot and then insert the slot into the phone.

Note: Make sure you remove the SIM Card, not the MicroSD card. 

After removing the SIM Not Provisioned, try to clean the slot with clean cotton because due to the dust particles sometimes. The SIM card cannot be able to read into the phone device.

Additional Tip:  Try To Insert Any Working SIM Card to check if the SIM Card slot is working fine. If the second SIM also not working on your phone. Then the SIM Card Slot is may be damage in this case contact the phone provider.

3. Try To Activate Your SIM Card

If you’ve purchased a new SIM card then technically the new SIM card will be activated automatically within 24 hours. In case if don’t then where are some options you can perform to activate your new SIM Card.

  1. Make a Call on an Automated Number
  2. Send an SMS to any phone number
  3. Login into the Activation Page of the Carrier Provider website.
  4. Try to call Carrier Provider Customer Service and ask for the SIM Card Activation.

All the options can easily be performed depending on the case if your Carrier provider supports these options or not.

Well, in most of cases the SIM card not provisioned error due to the activation of the SIM card. Once the SIM card is activated the issue is solved.

4. Contact Your Carrier / Network Provider

In case the SIM Not Provisioned within 24 hours automatically and you’ve performed all the steps given in the 3 methods.

Then it’s time to contact the network provider with another cell phone. Make sure you contact the network provider of the SIM card you own and do not activate.

Explain to them the issue and the steps you’ve taken to activate the SIM card. Along with the error message you’re getting on your cell phone.

Sometimes some issues with the Activation Server that can cause the SIM card not activating issue and can be easily resolved within a few hours.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn’t my SIM card been provisioned?

The SIM card hasn’t been activated yet, which is why your phone says it isn’t provisioned.

What is the process of activating my SIM card?

Your new SIM card should now be inserted into the SIM slot on your phone. Close the SIM card tray, then turn the phone on.

What is the procedure for reactivating my SIM card?

Make sure the SIM ID on the card corresponds to the SIM ID on your network service provider account.

When does a SIM card become active?

SIM card activation can take anywhere from a few minutes to four hours, depending on the reason for the change.

Final Words

If you’ve tried all the above methods and still no joy! then, in this case, we recommend you to purchase a new SIM Card. Hopefully, you’ve found this article informative don’t forget to share the article among other phone users on social sites.

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