How To Sanitize Your Smart Devices In 1 Mintue

How to sanitize?  the answer to this question based on why should we clean our smart device this question may arise in the brain of many people? Don’t worry I’ll explain to you. Your smart devices are occupied by bacterias and germs and do you know? This bacteria can transfer easily by hand contact and it will make you ill.  This contamination can pose dangerous health risks for you, in the long run, money no one wants to be ill every individual wants to be healthy and fit.

How To Sanitize  Computer Or Laptop

make hand sanitizer

These smart device’s computers/smartphones can be cleaned /sanitized in the following ways. So make sure to follow these steps to hygiene the computer or other smart devices.

1. Turn off the computer you want to clean, then unplug the power cord outlet or power strip.

2. Disconnect all ports of the computer from one another I.E. Keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer, batteries. Remove batteries from a laptop if you are doing this with a laptop.

3. Now you will have to remove dirt and dirt that is gathered on your devices by a can of air compressor. You should spray air on each and every point of your mostly used thing keyboard which is the dirtiest part of your computer.

4. You need to sanitize your keyboard by a linnen free cloth or a cotton cloth which is dipped in isopropyl alcohol now rub the cloth on top to bottom of your keyboard thoroughly. You should use a different disinfectant cloth to clean the smallest part of your computer I.E. Mouse.

5. You need to dampen a microfiber cloth with a cup or glass (according to your choice) simple water. Now simply wipe the computer monitor to remove the bulk of fingerprints and dust from it. You must avoid stong press on the screen because pushing strongly can damage pixels of your monitor. At last, you need to sanitize your monitor and laptop screen by using a disinfectant cloth.

Sanitize iPhone

How To Sanitize Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are the most useable devices of all time which also makes it top list devices to carry bacterias and germs on it. To hygiene the smartphone you must go through these below-given steps one by one.

1. You must unplug your phone from the source of power.

2. Now, you need to remove dirt from your mobile phone keyboard and speaker by compressed air can. Hold this a bit away from the device and a place from where you are spraying.

3. Now you will have to clean the entire surface of your smartphone by using a bleach-free disinfectant wipe or a soft cloth dabbed in isopropyl alcohol.

You should use a separate cloth or disinfectant wipe to clean the whole surface of the headset, including you’re your speaker and your microphone.

Things Required To Perform The Sanitization

1. A piece of good quality soft cloth requires most of the time.

2. High-quality disinfectant wipes and isopropyl alcohol.

Things To Remember When You’re Cleaning Devices

These are some important things to consider before sanitizing phones or other devices. To be safe and healthy and avoid viruses to enter your body.

1. You are cleaning a smart device not a wall so don’t use excessive pushing force on it.
2. Wash your hands nicely before cleaning your smart gadgets.
3. You should never use water for cleaning.
4. Never use bleaching agents on it.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you find this article helpful for cleaning smart devices to avoid coronavirus. To avoid getting infected with this virus and other harmful viruses. Which affects your health.