7 Best Security Apps For Android Devices

What are the best security apps for android?  Generally, android is not considered safe because it can be easily hacked by a technician this serious problem arises because it lacks in security updates.  We can say that The Internet is never safe when they are connected to the internet. Many third-party applications have made concerns to enhance serious security threats. Security has become a very big threat to everyone because of no. security troublers have increased in a very large amount. Incidents of hacking are seen daily.

Note: we have come to know that android devices are 90% prone to security threats

Best Security Apps For Android Phones In 2020

Applications that will help you to protect your Android devices from security threats are as follows.

1. Avast Mobile  Security

Avast Antivirus App

It is a great app that provides phone protection against viruses coupled with many other threats. It is considered as one of the most trusted free antiviruses for protection of your Android which notifies you when serious threats like spyware, adware get installed and violate your privacy.

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2. Sophos Antivirus And Security

Its user interface is not very impressing and you would not like its interface. However, its features will surely be liked by your mind.

Sophos Intercept X

Features of this brilliant application

  • The Virus scanning of installed apps, existing apps and storage media to protect you
  • theft protection means if your phone is lost you can find it easily with its help.
  • It also blocks spammers.

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3. AppLock

applock apk

The Use of this app is really very simple. It protects individual apps by asking its user to give a pin/pattern to access/open the app. You can put a lock on any of your applications which you want.

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4. Secure Call

Secure Calling App

Its specialty is that it protects your calls in a way that nobody can listen to them,  they are 100% protected. it also provides you with the end to end encryption for your private calls, therefore, prevents tracking of them by (hackers) You can make trouble-free calls to whomsoever your want.

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5. App Ops

Permission Manager App

Basically this app is to remove the set of permissions that are required to a particular app. It also helps you to block such unnecessary permissions. When you install an application on your smart device, which troubles you when you install new apps.

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6. LastPass

password manager app

We all hate to Remember passwords these days and it is quite tricky with users having multiple accounts online, each account having a different password This app is considered one of the best password managers pre4sent  in this market which allows you to save your passwords.

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 7. No Root Firewall

no root firewall app

There are many apps on your Android device which is using and eating up your mobile data in a bulk and unnecessarily and wasting it. This app puts control over Internet access for We are allowed to choose whether a particular app can access the Internet only over wifi or only over mobile data or neither or both. It helps us to stop wastage of data.

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Wrapping Up!

Technically, these are some of the best security apps for android we recommend to use to be secure from security threats. However, they’re also some other application that also useful but make sure. Before downloading and installing any apps on your android phone or tablet. You must check to ratings and reviews the app that you going to install on your device.