How To Share Screen On Skype – Step By Step

Wondering, how to share a screen over Skype with the third person. Then don’t worry, we know how you can easily share a screen over the Skype app and we going to tell you can also though this article.

First of All!  Verify Your Latest Version Of Skype, Then Start Screen Sharing During Your Call

You know! Skype is one of the foremost popular and free ways to talk via chat, voice, and video. But did you recognize that you simply can share your screen via Skype? You’ll invite friends, family, or other people to look at your screen directly from Skype.

Pc’s and mobile’s devices, you’ll adjust your settings to permit screen sharing during a few simple steps. We’ll explain the terminology and therefore the process for screen sharing on your next Skype call.

Screen Sharing Over Skype on PC

If you’re running an operating system aside from Windows 10, or just don’t want to use the UWP version of Skype, you’re probably using the Classic Desktop software. The great news here is Microsoft provides a unified experience between the 2 versions. Both look and act an equivalent, so picking one version over the opposite simply boils right down to preference at now.

Step 1:

When you’re able to share a screen on Skype, move to your Skype call window and click on the share screen button.

If you’ve got the newest version of Skype, you ought to find the Share screen button at rock bottom right of the call window next to the center icon (or Show reactions button). It’s the button that appears like two screens, one overlapping the opposite.

Step 2:

Skype will ask you to verify screen sharing. Click on the beginning sharing button.

After confirming, Skype should automatically start sharing your screen with the person or people you’re within the call with. Reckoning on your Internet access, this may happen immediately or could take some seconds, especially if your connection is slow.

Screen Sharing Over Skype On Smartphone 

You can subsequently share a screen employing an iPhone, iPad, and Android device.

Step 1:

Start your call by selecting a contact and tapping the phone icon within the top right corner.

Step 2: 

Together with your call now streaming, tap the screen to reveal a three-dot icon parked within the lower right corner. Tap this icon to launch another hidden menu.

Step 3:

Tap on the “Share Screen” icon now found within the bottom right corner of your device screen.

Step 4:

On the subsequent screen, tap on the “Skype” listing followed by the “Start Broadcast” button.

Step 5:

Use your device as normal. to prevent the broadcast, return into Skype and tap the “Stop Broadcast” option.

Wrapping Up!