How To Contact Instagram For Help

It is actually not easy to contact customer service from Instagram, but there are many other ways to get help for such issues.

  • Instagram includes its phone number, and also a supporting email address by which it is technologically possible to contact Instagram, but it’s maybe not possible that human response will come.
  • The Instagram help center is also an easy way that can be accessed by Android apps and iPhone, or by any website and can have solutions to any problems we have.
  • Any issue can also be reported through a copyright violation or a hacked account, through Instagram’s reporting feature, to get the response to our issue.

Instagram has more than billions of active users, so it’s also important for Instagram to have its customer service. Instagram also offers a robust help center by which we can easily report our issues and get good solutions. All these functions are available for both Android and iPhone apps and also from the desktop website.

How To Get Instagram Support From The App

 Follow the given steps to get support through the app


  • Open the app and then tap your icon in the bottom right corner.


  • Tap on the parallel bars shown on the top right corner.


  • At the bottom of the menu, tap the “Settings” option.


  • Tap on the “Help” option shown on the next screen.


  • Then select the “Help Center” option from which you can browse by any topic or any issue.


Instagram Support Through The Website

We can also navigate help through the website of Instagram.  Just you need to go through into your IP address. From there you can easily get help with your issue.


Reporting An issue on Instagram

As Instagram is the best place to share our memories but somewhere if we find an irrespective post or the post breaking the rules, we can easily report it on Instagram.  You can do it just by clicking the three little dots shown on the right of the post and then tapping on the “Report” button.

This issue can also be reported to the “Help Center”.

  • Just by going to help website


  • Then to the “Privacy and Safety Center” option.


  • Then go on the ”Report Something” option shown on the left hand.


  • Select the type of issue you want to report.