How To Unsubscribe To Twitter – Step By Step

What is Twitter?

Twitter is the best place where users post and interact with messages which are known as ‘tweets’. But there also comes a situation in which you want to delete your Twitter account. You can easily remove it from the ‘Account Settings’ page on the ‘Twitter’ website. Or if you just want to lower your updates, you just need to unfollow those people to renew your timeline or you can also turn off SMS notifications for specific users.

How To Unsubscribe To Twitter

If you want to stop the number of text messages, you can use the turn off notifications option. In this method, the user has not unfollowed just the notification of its messages will stop. If you want to turn off notifications for several users without sending multiple texts, visit your page from a computer and use the Settings menu by each user’s name.

How To Unfollow Someone On Twitter

If you unfollow a user on twitter, you will not be able to see their updates on your timeline. Even after unfollowing a user, you will be able to see their updates directly from their profile.

How To Delete Twitter Account

If you want to completely unsubscribe from your twitter account, you can directly go to the ‘Deactivate my account’ option. After the confirmation of the request, twitter schedules for account removal in 30 days.

These are three main issues that ever Twitter users want to know. In case if you have missed other issues regarding Twitter then feel free to tell or ask us using the comment box.