10 Best RetroPie Themes to Download

If you are looking for the best themes that will turn the Pi into the form of a gaming machine, then you should go for the try of Retropie themes.

Spending money and time on making the own machine of Retropie also deserves a beautiful theme on it.

Here, we will go through with the best themes of Retropie which you can access on your Pi.

1. TFT

If the users are looking for something beautiful in their theme then it will be none other than the TFT theme. The consoles present in it show the full display along with the features that have line art of white in the colour of their required controllers.

super Nintendo

Due to such designs in minimal form, this theme is to the best for tiny screens along with the projects of the arcade cabinet. It appears in dark colour with the touch of colour in light form. Such a theme will be best for the screens of small ones.

Download: Github

2. Vertical Arcade

If the users are in plan for the building of their own box of Retropiein the full size of the arcade machine, then this theme will fit it’s best. The only thing which users have to perform is to change the Raspberry Pi’s output orientation. It is a great one and serves to it’s best.

Vertical Arcade Theme

The appearance of it is so attractive that it will gain the interest of others too. It has a unique design look which gives a beautiful appearance. The back version of it has the main theme of EmulationStation which includes the greater look than others.

Download: Github

3. Famicom Mini

Famicom Mini is a teensy version of the system in classic form. The simple look of it gives the elegant form of view and is to the best of all.

It includes clean and retro artwork. The colours which are included here are very smooth and gives a nice palette to the screen. The user interface here is in a proper structure.

RetroPie Themes

The titles of the console are in a presentation of a square block. Each of them features the pixel artwork in the custom form of the hardware in the original type. There a greeting well-designed page appears that matches the feel of overall Famicom.

Download: Github

4. Workbench

Such a theme provides the level in incredible form with a beautiful way in a creative type. Each of the needs which a person requires has been provided in this theme.

It appears like an old school Workbench of Amiga. If you are a big fan of old school tech then this theme is way better for you.

Amiga Workbench theme

The classic retro highlight is included in this room list and has the best selection of them. It comes together for the better experience of the users.

It attracts the users by giving a better user interface and has a great console in its service. Many users have used it as it is the best theme to have.

Download: Github

5. Stranger Stuff

As per the name given, we can understand that it is related to Stranger Things which is a TV show. It becomes even more attractive by such a name. If the RetroPie is running g on the television of old ones, then it will appear even more attractive.

As with the other themes available on the retro gaming platform, this one has been the more way better.

  Stranger Stuff RetroPie Themes

Depending on the old styles, having Stranger stuff like the theme will give a great experience to the users. The best option has been in hand by using such a theme.

We all know that there are many fans of Stranger things who are in RetroPie gaming and will love to have this theme with them.

Download: Github

6. GBZ35

Such a title provided to this theme comes from Game Boy Zero 3.5. The beautiful design has been given to it by the designers.

Each of the consoles has its artwork in the minimal form which pertains to the console of it. It has the versatile look which attracts people worldwide.


The working of it is so perfect and comes for different sizes of the screen which makes it an ideal one for the cabinet arcade along with the projects in handheld form.

Such a theme has been taken as one of the best themes for the RetroflagGPi as it fits the small screens so easily. It gives the text in readable form and is famous all around the world.

Download: Github

7. Minimal

This theme is in the form of a backward version of the main theme of Emulationstation which is the Carbon one. The color given to it is white as well as in blue.

It will give a bright standard look to the screen and will be a better attractive one for everyone out there.

Minimal EmulationStation Theme

Work done on such a theme has been on its greater availability and has reached the maximum number of people out there.

The smooth work is given to this theme by which people can easily access the options on it. If the users need this theme of Minimal, then configuration changes are not necessary to have.

Download: Github

8. Snes Mini

If you are looking for the coolest theme of all, then this Snes Mini theme will be a suitable one for all.

The features provided here are of a better vibrant, the artwork of retro one is in great form which appears to the Trons way which is in vector wonderland form.

SNES mini

Each of the titles of the console has its own kind of artwork in the original form. The ROMs list has been listed there in a proper manner for delivering the flavour of Snes to such a theme.

The attractive look of it is so good that its eye catches everyone. Installation of it is also in a smooth manner and it fits properly to the screen.

Download: Github

9. Comic Book

If the users need the themes in the resolution of 16:9 or 4:3, then they should truly go for the Comic Book. It has the best view which attracts the people and shows one of the greatest visibility.

Comic Book  RetroPie Themes

It is available throughout the world and can be accessed by anyone out there.

Download: Github

10. Mega-Tech


The Sega Mega-Tech theme which is initially made for the version of the multigame arcade of the Megadrive is the best selection to have. The view of it gives the best attraction to the people out there and has various advantages in it.

Download: Github

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions with complete information related to RetroPie Themes with complete information.

What is the greatest RetroPie theme?

Magazine Madness, Retrorama, and Soda are perhaps the three best themes presently offered on Retropie. They will be well and unique, in contrast to the majority of the others, which merely tweak the basic design.

How do I acquire updated RetroPie themes?

These three themes, which would be the fifth option, will be our next stop. Down. This will take a moment or two to load. And this is where we’ll do the installation.

Recalbox vs RetroPie: which is better?

RetroPie and Recalbox differ primarily in terms of customisation. RetroPie includes a plethora of custom shaders, emulator settings, and other features. Shaders and scanlines are included in Recalbox, however adding your own is a little more difficult than it is on RetroPie. RetroPie also has a few more emulators than Recalbox.

What is RetroPie’s attract mode?

MAME, MESS, and Nestopia all have graphical frontends, and Attract-Mode is one among them. It conceals the os underneath and is designed to be operated with a joystick, gamepad, or spin dial, suitable for arcade cabinets.

Summing Up

Here we discussed various themes that one can have for their RetroPie. Anyone of them will be a great fit for the screen type. Get yours too after selection from above.

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