6 Ways to Fix No SIM Card Error on iPhone

No SIM Card Error: You might be in the use of your iPhone and suddenly got stuck when you see the error of No SIM Card Installed there.

It will not be able for connecting with the network and will also not take the calls for you. Users will also use their wireless data and access to the internet.

When the iPhone alerts you with such a message, you must know that there is an issue with the SIM Card.

The carrier name as well as the signal dots that are located on the upward side of the screen will not be there or have been in a replace with a message of Searching or it may be showing you No SIM.

Why the iPhone is showing No SIM Error?

There can be various reasons for the error of the iPhone No SIM. It can be that iPhone is not able the recognization the SIM Card that is the main thing needed for the network connection.

Such an issue can also occur by the dislodging of the SIM card or can be with the problem of the software of the iPhone.

The error of NO SIM Card can occur in various types:-

  • Insert SIM
  • Invalid SIM
  • No SIM Card Installed
  • No SIM

Whichever cause and the error is there, the answer for it is not that tough. The only need here is a paper clip as well as the settings of the software.

No SIM Card Error

Here we will go through with the solutions for how you can solve the issue of No SIM.

Locate the iPhone SIM Card

For the fixation of issues of SIM card, we must know where is the SIM card in the iPhone. What it actually is and what the function it performs.

What is the SIM Card in iPhone?

SIM cards are the tiny smart cards that can be easily removed and are in use by the cell phones along with the smartphones for storing of the data that includes the mobile number, the company of phone in which you are in use, information of billing, and also the address book.

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module cards that can be removed and then inserted into the other phones.

It makes it easier for the transferring of the phone service along with the address book to the new phones. For performing that, we just have to swap the card from the current phone to the newer one.

SIM cards can also be for the use of travel in international forms. If the phone is in better compatibility with the cellular networks in the country where you want to go, then by purchasing the new SIM there, inserting in the iPhone, we can properly do the use of it.

Location of SIM Card on different iPhone models

The location of the SIM Card depends on the type of model your iPhone has:-

  • For the iPhone, 3G, and the iPhone 3GS

Here we have to go through with the button of sleep or wake along with the headphones jack that is located on the upward side of the iPhone’s slot. It has a small hole there. It is the tray that includes the holding of a SIM Card.

  • iPhone 4 and More

On such a device, the tray of SIM is on the rightward side of the phone. It is near the sleep or the wake button. iPhone in actual do the use of a microSIM. The other models have a bit tinier that is the modern part of nanoSIM.

How to Fix the iPhone NO SIM Error

If the iPhone is showing the error of No SIM, then follow the given steps one by one for the fixation of the issue:-

Method 1: Removal of the iPhone SIM Card

As the No SIM problem is due to the dislodging of the SIM. The fixation of the first one which you have to perform is to put it again in the place and then have to check that it is properly seated or not.

After a while, we have to wait for a minute and then check if the bars of the regular one along with the name of the carrier are appearing again on the top of the screen of the iPhone or not.

If you find that they are not there, then do the removal of the SIM and check there if the card is dirty or if the slot. If you find them in a dusty form, then clean it. The soft cloth can be better for it rather than blowing.

Method 2:  Restart your iPhone

If the iPhone is not able to recognize the SIM, then we have to for the main thing which is to give a restart to the device. It will solve most of the issues of the iPhone that were disturbing you.

Method 3: Turn off the Airplane Mode 

If the error of SIM is still there, then the next thing which you have to perform is the turning off the Airplane mode. By performing this, it will reset the connection of the iPhone to the network of cellular and it may solve the issue.

Method 4: Update the iOS Version

If the issue continues to be there, then check that if an update is there in the iOS. Look in the operating system which runs on the iPhone.

You have to connect with the Wi-Fi network or with the computer and have to charge whole the battery for performing this. Do the installation of all the updates that are available there and check that if it resolves the issue.

Method 5: Validity Your iPhone Account

It can also be the possibility that the account of the phone company may not be the valid one. For the phone to be connected with the network of the phone companies, there is a requirement of active as well as a valid account with the company of the phone.

If the account gets cancelled or even suspended then the error of SIM will be available there.

Method 6: Check improper function of the SIM Card

If the iPhone tells that no SIM is there in it, then the SIM Card may have an issue with the hardware.

The reason for it can be that you may have inserted a SIM card from another phone that you know works properly. Take a new one from the Apple Company and remove that older one.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the No SIM Card Error with complete information.

Why is my phone saying there is no SIM card?

Your device seems unable to effectively check the details of your SIM card, which is why it displays no SIM card error. This typically occurs when your SIM card is not correctly placed, is broken, or the phone has computer problems following a software upgrade.

Why is my iPhone suddenly telling me that I don’t have a SIM card?

This iPhone No SIM issue can be caused by a variety of factors. It’s possible that the iPhone’s SIM card, and is used to communicate to these networks, isn’t recognized. This issue might also be triggered by a marginally displaced SIM card or a programming issue with your smartphone.

Why did my SIM card stop working all of a sudden?

When dust gets behind your SIM and the phone, it can cause communication difficulties. To facilitate removal, do the following: Remove the SIM card from your phone and turn it off. Using a sticky gunk cloth, wipe the gold connectors on the SIM. Replace the battery and power up the phone without the SIM card.

Can you restart a SIM card?

To restore your SIM card, get through the your smartphone and remove every snippet of data. A SIM card, or subscriber identity module, contains the majority of the data that passes through your phone. You can purchase a Sim reader to clean the memory on your phone.

Summing Up

Here we get to know various steps by which you can solve the issue of No SIM error. If none of the steps are in a solution for you, then you can go for an appointment in the Apple Store.

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