Mystic Messenger Email Guide: All Correct Answers

Those who have played this mystic messenger once in their life might know that it is one of the most romantic visual novels.

Try to finish the gameplay, then it will host one party to end the game, and in this, the player has to call a specific number of guests at that party.

To make all the guests in the game for the special party, users have to send emails to all. These emails are recognized as mystic messenger email guide.

We all know that hosting a party is not an easy task, and asking guests to join this is not easy. So, in the following mystic messenger email guide is present.

What is Mystic Messenger Email Guide

To email the guest using any character, the user must interact and communicate with many people and ask them to join the game.

In this mystic messenger email guide, the user will get a total of 3 levels in which the player has to answer the question to allow the guests to come to the party.

There are many things that the player has to take care of while answering the questions. The player can choose the guest with whom he wants to start the party.

The maximum number of guests should be 20 who will come to the party. They will ensure that players will have a superb party that will end the late-night and everyone should be enjoying this party.

Mystic Messenger

How do these Emails of Mystic Messenger Works?

To host one party, users have to invite the guests, and they must join the party for the user organization.

Normally this is done with the virtual messenger that can be done using the application. The reason which can help call up many guests in the party is the attraction point.

The more attractive thing that will be mentioned in the email, the more amount of people will join the game.

There are many things the user should know, which will help a lot to call the guests. The player has to become an expert in calling the guest, and then the party will be successful.

How to Host the Party in Mystic messenger?

This is one important part of the mystic messenger email guide. The player should be aware of the fact that the party is not like a real gathering.

It is something different activity in the game, and that is called RFA.

RFA was founded by Rika, who is popularly known as V’s girlfriend. This is a fundraising association that stopped after her demise.

The complete name of RFA is Rika’s Fundraising Association. Now the topic comes as what is RFA.

Rika’s Fundraising Association

RFA is a charity where that organization for needy people that raises funds by holding parties in different clubs. In the game, After Rika had passed away, no parties were held anymore because of this reason only.

However, when the player comes into the game, there is a chance to start those parties again and help the needy ones again.

This is one of the best parts of which people love to play this game. They organize parties and the amount comes that is given to any needy person in the virtual.

Invite Guests to the Party by Mystic Messenger Email Guide

The task of emailing guests becomes difficult when the player does this through messaging. Inviting guests is not a difficult task, but taking chances to start the party with less than 20 guests can incur some losses.

While starting the game, the player should remember that there should be at least ten guests while ending the game. For the best ending of the game, the player should invite 14-20 guests.

Attendance of the party will depend on the replies to their messages to the party. The player has to answer the guest’s email three times in a matter of 10 days, I.e. before the party.

The player can see that every party member will be having @ symbol on the left side of their name.

Mystic Messenger Email Guide

Attendance at the party will depend on the answer to their names. By chance, if the player will not play the question-and-answer game, even if the answers will be wrong, then it does not matter whether the guests are present at the party.

The game will not allow them to join the party and attend it as well. The Player has to answer all the questions correctly; otherwise, the game will not allow joining the guests. If all the answers are correct, then it will show a green mark.

If the user gets an orange arrow, then it will imply as the answer is wrong. To make the question easier, the player must take some time to answer every question. The following is the most important part of the mystic messenger email guide. 

Mystic Messenger Email Guide

If the user is getting the question as allergy, it might be cat allergy, beef and seaweed soup, or I might be allergic to not attending the party.

Art women refer to monet, the louvre or cantabile. If a question asks like a bad comment, then it can be I’ll look forward to the next video or simple report them.

These types of questions might come in the question, so answer them carefully; otherwise, welcoming the guest might not be possible.

These are very simple questions that can be answered with common sense. Some questions can appear like that will be game story-related or something like that.

The players who are playing this game most of the time remember everything, then it will be easy for them to answer all these questions without any problem.

Those players can even welcome their guests after answering all the correct answers to three questions and have a great response in the game. Some of the most addicted players have completed this game more than 3 to 4 times and still playing it to enjoy.

Now one new story comes with V and Ray route email.

V and Ray Route Messenger Story 

These emails can be found in another story of this game where players will find some deep story or casual story.

They are related to V and ray route. Players will find some difficulties while playing this game. As it is a new story included in the game, and after playing the first part, which was easy, this will add some stress to the player’s mind.

Some of the email options will be like the word beta go answer will be behind the cheerleaders, waiting list or idol concerts.

The bodyguards working very hard to provide safety to the owner are also included in this email question. The answer to this question will be the check name and invitation, play with Elizabeth and next to Mr Han.

Costume answer will never be played with the main hero with luxury clothes, costume clothes and players mentality with +10.

The things which seem very easy in the is not. Players have to research and remind everything. Otherwise, the game will not work further until these missions are cleared. So these things are to be taken care of.

When do the Player Start Emailing Guests?

The game of mystic messenger email guide will be just for 11 days. In these 11 days, the player has to understand the game and clear every mission to reach the next level.

After the success of each level then the mystic messenger email guide mission will start, the player has to work for the party and need to have at least 10 to 20 guest to complete this mission.

It will be fun, of course, but players have to ensure that those guests will reply in the game; otherwise, their guest attendance will not be considered. So, these were the most important points in the mystic messenger email guide

Mystic messenger email will help many players clear the party mission and help email the guest and make them join the party as well.

All Accurate Answers for Each Guest

mystic messenger email guide

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Mystic Messenger Email Guide with complete information.

Are emails important in Mystic Messenger?

Of course, there will be a large number of visitors! That’s why Mystic Messenger emails are so crucial, because a question answered incorrectly can result in a guest just not turning up.

How many guests do you need in Mystic Messenger?

If you want a good ending to your game, you’ll need 20 guests to come to your party.

What do the different colors of completed mean in Mystic Messenger?

A blue ‘Completed’ state indicates that they will definitely attend, a green status indicates that they may attend, and a red status indicates that they will most likely not attend. Additionally, when browsing the profiles of the visitors, the player can earn one hourglass for each unlocked guest by selecting the tale option.

How long does it take to complete Mystic Messenger?

These are the approximate time that can be taken in order to complete Mystic Messenger.

1.Main Story >6h 54m
2.Main + Extras > 36h 30m
3.All PlayStyles > 15h 21m

What time should you start Mystic Messenger?

Start a new Mystic Messenger playing as soon as possible in the day; otherwise, you’ll lose out on a lot of the day’s material. To ensure a decent finish, you’ll need to start a fresh game about lunchtime, and just after midnight if you want to watch every possible discussion.

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