How To Transfer Contacts, Email from iCloud to Gmail

Electronic Mail or Email is one of the most powerful weapons of the web, that allows billions of people to communicate for any purpose and these people mainly include businessmen and office workers.

So, there is lots of web mailing service on the web but some are the most popular such as Google Mail and you can dine it.

Billions of emails were sent and received on Google Mail and that was maintained by giant web servers. Although you are not here to know that you visit KeepTheTech to know if there is a way to transfer iCloud mails to another mail such as Gmail or Outlook.

I am here to inform you that it is possible to forward iCloud emails to Google Mail by following the few steps given below.

How To Forward iCloud Mail To Gmail Account

Follow complete step-by-step guides to know how to transfer iCloud mail.

Step 1 : 

Go to the iCloud Mail ( ) and log into your account.

Step 2 : 

Now move to the Show Action Menu (near iCloud Mail at the corner).

Step 3 : 

Select the Preference tab, from the Menu.

Step 4:

Open the General tab.

Step 5 :

Now move to the Forward tab and enable Forward My Email.

 # Enter your Gmail address to which you want to incoming emails automatically.

Note:  When you enable the Forward My Email feature, your emails are deleted automatically from iCloud Mail once all mails have been forwarded


I hope this guide helps you to learn how to transfer iCloud emails to Gmail without facing any issue, but if you have any questions related to this article then you are free to ask us via the comment box.

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