How to Transfer Files From Android to Mac

Wondering, how to transfer files from android to Mac. Don’t worry read out his complete step by step tutorial based on this topic. Now transferring files from a device to another device is so much in nowadays as all the paperwork is being out and there’s more focus on digital documents which in case keep them safe, secure, and easily viable from one place to another.

Now in so much diversity coming to an android phone and Mac, it gets down as some devices are unresponsive so to bring it up and to get more in diversity to transfer files from android to the Mac. Meanwhile, also check out some of the best Android OS for the personal computer to boost performance for gaming and other uses.

Transfer Files From Android To Mac Using Third-Party App

Now there’s a specific app that allows you to do so. Follow below-given steps to know the complete process of transferring files from android device to a Mac computer without hassle.

Step 1:

You gotta go to the web, and the app called Android file transfer. You’ve got to download it. It is a free app to transfer the files, so there’s nothing to worry as you don’t have to pay anything.

Step 2:

Open the app after its installed, now you must have a USB or you have any wireless device than that connected. However, USB is more reliable and quicker in this case.

》Ofcourse in any case you can copy all your files and content between your mac and android device and vice versa.

Step 3:

Now you gotta open the app, its free with no in-app purchases. Now when you see the app, drag it to your application folder, and it gets to your application folder.

Step 4:

Now click on the icon and open it, you find something like a screenshot and Suppose you want to restore or say create a backup for it on your phone or keep on your Mac.

Step 5:

Now copy the folder with files or content of interest you want to transfer, you can drag it to there and restore and after that again drag it to your phone.

Additional Tips:

  • Now it is the same thing you have to do if you have to drag stuff that you have on your Mac
  • You drag the music to your desktop and then drag it to your music.
  • So that way you have the music already stored on your Mac to your android phone.
  • Now, this is good both ways as the chances of losing your data reduces, and again it is safe for sure.
  • So it’s a unique and convenient process to transfer your data.