How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone 6

How to remove sim card from iPhone 6: The main thing which is the basic requirement in every phone is its SIM card. Without a SIM card, none of the functions can be performed like calling, texting, as it is the root thing in a phone.

There can be a situation where you need to change the SIM card in your iPhone. It can happen when you need to have a new number, or when the current SIM card is not in reach.

Here we will understand the SIM card removal in iPhone 6 along with various other headings on it.

How To Remove Sim Card from iPhone 6?

For removing the SIM Card, there are various things that you need to have with you:-

A SIM Removal Tool

The SIM removal tool is a tiny piece of metal that is inserted in the phone for removing the SIM card from it. If the users are not having the SIM removal tool, then they can go for Staple, paperclip, Earring, Sewing Pin, or a Toothpick. It is a recommendation to keep a SIM eject tools with you as it helps in every case for mobile repairing.

how to remove sim card from iPhone 6

A New SIM Card

It is required in case if you want to insert a new one.

An advise there is that for powering off the handset. We have to perform it before removing the SIM Card.

Procedure for how to remove sim card from iphone 6

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, go for the right side of the iPhone 6 on the downward side of the power button. You will get a view of the outline of the SIM tray. It is available there with the pinhole at the end of the bottom side.

Step 2

Insert there the pin on the tool of SIM removal in the hole available and then press it on the spring till the SIM tray comes out.

Step 3

Now take out the SIM card from the handset.

Step 4

Then remove the SIM CARD out of the SIM tray.

How to Insert the SIM Card?

After the removal of the previous SIM Card, users may need to do the insertion of the new one. For performing it, we have explained here steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, keep the SIM card which you would like to take in the tray by keeping the gold contacts towards the downward side. There the corner of the SIM Card is in cut-off form for ensuring the perfect alignment.

Step 2

Now per the re-inserting of the SIM tray in the available handset taking the hole edge of the tray of SIM Card at the downward side of the handset. u

Step 3

After that, push the tray until it gets inserted properly. Flush it with the edge of the headset.

Step 4

Now we will turn ON the iPhone by the use of its power button. If the iPhone is already turned on at the time of insertion of the SIM Card, and the detection is not available, then go for a check of it.

What if SIM Eject Tool is Not Working?

As understood above, we can go for the various alternatives for it. We have listed them along with the explanations.

By Staple

In most of the cases, the various alternatives can be an issue. But, a staple can be the best solution as the offices and many other places have it with them. We can easily borrow a staple from anyone around there. By the use of a thin metal prong on the staple of a single one for forcing the SIM tray on the iPhone 6 in place of a SIM Eject tool.

It is relatively very easy though it depends on the brands of it. There are various other malleable staples and they are very difficult to use. In the case when the SIM tray is very tight and the SIM card doesn’t come out without any hard force. This is a great option to have when none other alternative is there for a try.

By Paperclip

When users are stuck with their issues in ejecting a SIM Card, then a paperclip is the best option for it. It is a very common alternative to the SIM eject tool.

Whenever you forget the SIM Eject tool and are looking for any other alternative, then this is the one that will be the best in all circumstances. For the use of paperclip as a form of SIM removal tool, we have to strip it at the downwards side to the bare metal.

The one which comes with the colored forms in the plastic coat can be a bit thicker; we can actually remove the chunk by the use of scissors or by the knife. Just after that, we have to bend the sides then we will have the piece of metal for the jam in the SIM eject hole.

Then we can insert it there and can press eject for ejecting the SIM card from the iPhone 6. Other than this, we can bend the paperclip to the backside and then can take it by holding the pieces of paper.

By Earring

If the situation is very serious regarding the ejecting of a SIM card and no other alternative is there, then a jewelry material is the left situation. As the women have earrings with them and when you give a try for taking out the SIM card, the end needle of it is no less than a wonder.

It does not apply to the design earrings but only for the ones that have a pin in them which can be for use as a SIM removal tool. The metal there is very hard which we can use even without bending and can be in the best useful way. It is a recommendation for using the jewelry of inexpensive ones only.

By ToothPick

With most of the success, the toothpicks for getting out the SIM Card from the SIM trays have been successful to perform. You can get them at the restaurants and most of the people even carry it in their own way. If the users have a Swiss Army knife with them, then a plastic toothpick is also necessary with it.

When you get stuck in a public way and are very far from home, then toothpick is a get to go alternative anywhere. We have to be very careful as the toothpicks are not that thin from its tip. It may not fit in the SIM tray eject. Giving a force to the toothpick can cause the tip to break and it will require a needle to take it out.

By Sewing Pin

If the users have gone for their house of old ones, then there can be the possibility of a swing pin for the opening of the SIM tray on the iPhone 6. It cannot be said that the mothers as well as the grandmothers will have the sewing pin with them.

There can be a chance about the equipment of sewing anywhere there. It is a recommendation for using a pin as the tip of it is in round form. It will make the pressing of it in the SIM tray with the use of a finger. Therefore, it will not hurt the surface of the iPhone.

Summing Up

Hopefully, readers will now be able to get how to remove sim card from iphone 6 by the use of the SIM eject tool. Various steps explained above are required to be followed for it. Alternatives in place of it have also been mentioned by which a SIM card can be taken out.

What is the location of the SIM card on an iPhone 6?

On the right side of the device, there is a SIM card tray. The SIM tray can be ejected by inserting a SIM tool into the small hole.

If the SIM card is removed from the iPhone 6, what happens?

Your data will not be affected if you remove the sim card – all of it is stored on the phone. Remove your iPhone 6’s sim card, and nothing will change.

What should I do if my SIM card tray won’t open?

To restore tray functionality, press the eject button with a paper clip or ejection tool. You can also turn the phone upside down, so the tray faces the ground and presses the ejection button repeatedly if that doesn’t work.

Where can I find the SIM card removal instructions?

Find your SIM-eject tool. Use a paperclip instead if you don’t have one. Pull the SIM tray gently but firmly with the tool (or paperclip) inserted in the small hole next to it.

When you remove your SIM card, what happens?

In contrast, if the SIM card is unable to switch devices (which is determined by the carrier) or if the phone is locked to a specific SIM card and provider, nothing will happen.

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