How To Create Facebook Business Page

This article based on how to create Facebook business page? There are more than 140 Million business pages on Facebook. So every offline or online business needs to build a Facebook Business page for their organization.

If you are also looking for an answer to How To Create Facebook Business Pagethen here you are at the right place. Because here we are going to tell you to create a Facebook business page without hassleHere step by step you will find all the important guidelines to start your own Facebook business page. 

Benefits of Starting A Facebook Business Page

There are a lot of benefits if you are going to start your own Facebook Business page. You can get more and more customers and more reviews for your business and you know that more customers mean more sales and more sales means more revenue. Now, most business owners say that they are doing business offline.

So, how it will be helpful for them to start a Facebook business page. Then the answer to this question is that you can still get the benefit of the Facebook Business page if you are doing an offline business page. So, stop asking how to create a Facebook business page and start creating it after reading this useful and helpful article.

Steps to create a Facebook business page : 

  • First of all, you have to go to the following link 

 ( or Go to Facebook Page

Now after clicking on this link you will see a page where you will have to choose a category of the page that you want to create.

  • Choose Category

Here you will find different types of categories available for you. For now, we have to create a Facebook business page. Then you have to choose the Business category. After choosing the business category and clicking on the Get started button below it, you will have to choose the right sub-category. 

  • Choose Niche

We can call it subcategory or we can call it a Niche also. You have to choose which type of business you are running and which subcategory you want to choose for your business page. Now here you can choose as per your requirement, whether it is apparel, beverages, or anything else. 

  • Add Pictures to your page

You have to add pictures to your page. You have to upload a profile picture and you have to upload a wall cover also. Both of the pictures will demonstrate customers about your business and will attract people. 

  • Use Logo as your picture

In the beginning, you have to use your company or brand’s logo as your profile picture. You can also add your logo to your wall cover, but wall cover has more space, so you can add some more details about your business on your wall cover. 

  • Don’t skip Photo Uploading

Most people skip this very important step. They skip the photo uploading step. Yes, there is a skip option available all the time and you can skip the uploading option. But it is not good, because the profile pictures you are using are going to help establish your brand. 

  • Create your Username 

You have to create a username to make it easy for the people to find your page on Facebook. You can choose as simple as possible name according to your business entity name. 

  • Add More details

Now you will find that you have to seed more details to your page. You have to add an address, you have to add an email, contact number, website, helpline number. Other than this you have to add an amazing About info. 

  • Create your First post

Now you are almost set. You have to upload a picture and some details and add it to your page and see the people reach to your post.

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