How You Can Add Groovy Music Bot To Discord

Groovy bot: The majority of individuals use Discord to interact with one another while playing video games. When you add music to your Discord voice chats, the overall experience becomes much more engaging and enjoyable. But how can you listen to music on Discord while speaking with your friends?

What is Groovy Bot, exactly?

The groovy bot can be used to play your favourite sounds from Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud on your Discord server, as the name suggests.

While there are several music-playing bots for Discord, such as Rythm Bot, Groovy makes things easier to install and use, allowing you to genuinely groove out to your favourite tunes without too much difficulty.

Even though it has been around for a long time, the Groovy bot has undergone numerous tweaks and upgrades to improve its design and provide premium features for Discord servers that pay for it. Furthermore, they’ve ensured that there is no lag or delay for any Discord server while you’re playing music, and you get the finest quality accessible.

It’s one of the greatest music bots out there for playing music without having to configure your server or patch complicated commands. Premium users can also listen to music nonstop, apply audio effects, save queues, and much more.

So, what are some useful Groovy bot commands to know? I’m glad you inquired! In the following part, we’ll go through its features and commands in-depth.

Features & Commands of the Groovy Bot

The groovy bot offers many unique music-playing features and commands that can be useful when administering a large Discord server. However, you must first ensure that the Groovy bot is deployed on a speech channel before you can begin playing music.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Use YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify to play your favorite music.
  • While a track is playing, you may add songs to queues, store them as playlists, and pause, continue or skip tracks at any moment.
  • Show lyrics and determine whether users or roles have permission to utilize the Groovy bot to play music.
  • Although the Groovy bot is entirely free, a premium version is available that includes operating the bot 24 hours a day, remembering your queued songs, and running the Groovy bot on many servers at once.

Let’s look at some commands you may use with your Groovy Bot now:

Play: You can use this command to play any music from Spotify or YouTube using the URL or search term you’ve entered. To begin playing, press Enter.

Shuffle: Shuffle allows you to randomize the music in a queue.

When it comes to Queue, use this command to see all of the tracks in your queue.

You can restart playing the track that was previously paused.

This command will pause any song that is currently playing.

If you wish to add more bass to the songs now playing, you can use this command. Reset returns the volume to its default setting.

Nightcore: Another nice feature is switching to nightcore mode for a more ambient effect and comparable music.

With all of the hype about Groovy bot commands and features, here’s how to set it up and install it on your Discord server.

Groovy Bot for Discord Server Installation

add groovy bot

The Groovy bot’s setup is fundamental and straightforward. To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Groovy Bot for more information. If you’ve already registered your Discord server, click Login in the upper right corner.
  2. Alternatively, go to the main site page and select Add to Discord.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, create an account using your email address and sign in.
  4. Choose which permissions you want the Groovy bot to have. In the Add Bot area, select your Discord Server from the drop-down list.
  5. Continue by clicking Continue, then Authorize.
  6. You may be asked to verify your identity as a human here, so follow the steps to finish the short process.
  7. Return to your Discord server dashboard, and you’ll see that the Groovy bot has been added to your server.
  8. With the commands we provided above, you may start grooving and playing your favorite tunes.

As you can see from this article, installing a Groovy bot is straightforward. If you want to use the Groovy bot to play music on your Discord server, follow the procedures outlined above to get started.

Groovy is the most OK pick for newbies when it comes to playing music without a hassle because it makes it a straightforward and no-fluff approach. If you have more than one Discord server and want to enjoy various other outstanding features, you may get the premium edition of the Groovy bot, as we indicated before.

What is the best way to use the bot on your Discord server?

There are a few basic instructions you’ll need to know to operate the Groovy Music bot after it’s been added to your Discord server. We’ll walk you through the fundamental commands for playing music, adding songs to the queue, and more in the stages below.

How to play music is simple:

  1. It would help connect to a voice channel to use the Groovy Music Bot to play music. You can start playing an audio track on Discord with the command below.
  2. Play “search query or link.”
  3. To play the audio from a song on YouTube, use the Play command followed by the URL. When you press Enter, the song will start playing immediately.

Discord’s Best Music Bots

Groovy (discontinued as of August 2021)

One of the most popular Discord music bots is Groovy. You may utilize Groovy bot commands in a variety of ways. Using the Groovy music bot, you can play songs via website links or file uploads or search for specific songs.

You may also make a song playlist. You can skip tracks, return to previously played songs, hop to one particular song, clear the queue, shuffle, or loop the column or a specific track from within this queue. Finally, you may use Groovy on Discord to look up the lyrics to a song.

You may upgrade to Discord Groovy bot premium to access additional features like volume control, audio effects, saved queues, and 24/7 playback. For one server, the premium Discord Groovy bot costs $3.99 per month.

Octave 2

Octave is a famous Discord music bot that offers both free and paid services. The Octave bot can play songs from YouTube and Soundcloud, generate playlists, and even create queues for you to listen to later.

You can skip songs, vote as a server whether or not to miss a song, jump to a song, and shuffle inside queues and playlists. You can also create, delete, or edit playlists, list your playlists or upload a playlist from another site using playlist-specific instructions. You can also check up on your song’s lyrics.

Volume, filters, bass boost, unlimited custom playlists, and extended track lengths and queue sizes are all available with Octave bot premium.

For $5 per month, you can have all of the above on a single server, as well as 6-hour track lengths and a 500 queue size. Octave premium on two servers with 12-hour track durations and an infinite queue size is available for $10 per month.

Hydra, number three

The new Hydra Discord bot supports a wide range of streaming services. You can use the Hydra bot to listen to Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, and Bandcamp music.

Hydra is, in reality, the best Spotify bot on Discord. You can also play or listen to online radio by uploading audio files. Hydra no longer supports music from YouTube as of September 2021.

You can use the Hydra bot to create playlists and queues, as well as skip, vote skip, loop, move a song inside a queue or to the top of the queue, shuffle, or replay songs. You can also look for lyrics or information about a piece of music.

Finally, the Hydra bot includes admin-only commands that allow you to announce what song is playing, change the set language, block specific users from using the bot, limit the number of times a song can be played, limit Hydra to specific voice channels, and choose who “DJs” the bot and controls the queue.

Volume control, audio effects, 24/7 playback, and unlimited saved playlists are all included in the premium version of Hydra bot.

The Hydra premium can be purchased for a single user or a server. For $1.99/month or $19.99/year, you can use Hydra bot premium features on any server you’re a part of.

Hydra server premium unlocks all premium music bot features for a server of your choice and the same features as user premium. One server costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.


Chip is the most acceptable free Discord music bot. It has the same basic controls as other music bots, allowing users to establish queues and play songs from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Mixer, Twitch, and Bandcamp.

In the queue, you can skip, loop, shuffle, move, and replay songs. You can also skip to a specific section of a tune. Chip can display song lyrics and even create a.txt file with a list of all tunes in a queue.

Chip also offers audio control features for no extra charge! You can utilize bass boost, equalization, treble boost, vocal boost, and modify the loudness of a track with Chip’s music bot.

Finally, Chip can be used to listen to the radio; the bot has a list of 180 radio stations from across the world from which to choose.

Chip has paid features as well, however, unlike other bots, all of the basic functionalities are available for free. Chip premium is $5 a month and grants you access to 24/7 mode, bypass vote locks (allowing you to change audio effects without the rest of the channel voting on it), and command cooldowns (so you can use the same command over and over again).


MEE6 is a well-known Discord moderation bot, but did you know it can also play music? MEE6’s music bot is unusual in that you can control your music via a graphic player on your dashboard.

Rather than entering MEE6 music commands into your server, go to your online dashboard to see your queue, modify playlists, and search, play, and repeat songs.

Music commands in MEE6 can also regulate volume, record voice channels, and play music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitch music are all supported by MEE6. The bot also comes with a fun music quiz where you can compete with your friends to guess the song and artist from a video the fastest.

MEE6’s free music bot allows you to queue up to 50 songs and participate in three daily music quizzes. This is increased to 1,000 audio tracks in your queue and an unlimited number of examinations with the premium MEE6 bot.

For a one-time cost of $89.90, you can get a lifetime package for one server. Alternatively, you can pay $11.95 each month for a monthly plan. You can also save money each month by signing up for a $49.99 annual program.

Which Discord Music Bot is the Most Appropriate for Me?

Because each Discord music bot has its own set of functions, the answer to this question will vary depending on what you require.

With its music dashboard, MEE6 is the most straightforward music bot to operate, albeit you will have to pay to access it. Chip is the most acceptable free music bot because it’s the only one that offers free audio effects. Hydra and Chip have the most music streaming platforms, as well as radio, to choose from.

Hydra bot, in particular, is the most fabulous Spotify Discord bot. Hydra also comes with the best admin controls, allowing you to govern who may use the bot and which channels it has access to.

Octave has less functionality than other bots, yet it is still popular owing to its ease of use and stability. It’s unlikely that the Octave bot would go offline because they’ve been on Discord for a while.

Will there be any more Discord Music Bots shut down?

Many Discord users have been looking for an alternative music bot for Discord since YouTube took down groovy. Any of the Discord as mentioned earlier music bots would be a suitable replacement for Groovy.

However, there are rising fears that YouTube will force other music bots to shut down.

Rhythm, a prominent music bot, has also gone offline as of September 2021. Other Discord music bots that play YouTube music on Discord may be taken down if they are found to violate YouTube’s Terms of Service.

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