New Google Nest Audio Speaker & Thermostat

Google Nest:- Google is always on top of new advancements and technology for years. Recently, they have launched new devices with an awesome sound base that is Google Nest Speaker and Nest Thermostat.

These new smart speakers released by google have been proven for their perfect sound quality than the other versions launched by them. Along with this, Google’s Nest has also made it even cheaper and has given a better improvement of technology in the field of Wi-Fi systems.

Here we move on to the better go-through knowledge of the New Google Nest Speaker, Wi-Fi devices, and the Nest Thermostat.

Nest Audio Speaker

This device made by Google Nest is specially designed for users who need a better base in music. The driver system in dual form along with the tuning software provides the balanced audio that comes in the bass, miss, and high type.

Such a speaker is louder by 75% more than the other models of Google Nest. It includes the bass which is 50% more than other speaker devices.

google nest audio speaker

If we pair two Google Nest Speakers then it will give a sound which is the same as that of stereo speakers. We can also connect all the speakers of Nest smart and can make our home the multi-audio system.

We can then move out music from one place to another one by asking it from Google. Google can also perform the transferring of music or podcasts from the phone by which we can continue from the place where we left before.

Along with this, the feature of Media EQ will tune the Google Nest Audio in automatic form and it depends on what music we are listening to.

We can ask Google Assistant for playing music from various music apps like Pandora, YouTube Music, Spotify, and even many more.

Google has also given an update to its assistant to be even smarter and faster. Nest Audio the use Machine learning for knowing your commands to it and then answering the questions as faster as the Google Home of the original one. It is better as it recommends new songs to you for listening with more fun.

Nest Audio includes mesh fabric which is available in colors of five. We can do the selection between the option of Sand, Charcoal, Sky, and Sage. You can easily get it on the Google Store for $99.99.

The New Nest Thermostat

This new device has been made with a normal design than the model of the previous one. Along with this, it has a less price which is gaining a better response in the market. It also includes the strip of touch-sensitive other than the dial of physical rotation.

We can easily swipe and can access the side of the thermostat for adjusting the settings. The mirrored finish there lights up for showing the temperature, and cooling mode, and has even more information which is much useful.

google Nest Thermostat

This new model has motion detectors that sense up when you come in front of the device and opens up the display of it.

Along with this, the location of your phone is also in use for having the knowledge of where you have left it in the house. As it gets the sense that you are not at home, then the mode of Eco temperature gets enabled. With this, you won’t be able to use more energy in the empty house.

If any of the issues are there with the system of your HVA, then the Nest Thermostat will send the alerts by which, you can check them in an immediate form Google has claimed that the features of energy-saving on this device can save up to 15% in cooling form, and about 12% heating form bills every year.

It is available at the cost of $ 129.99 on the Google Store. A separate purchase is in the requirement to purchase which costs $14.99 of the trim kit.

The New Nest Wi-Fi

google nest modem

As most of people are now in the shift to work from home in the present era. Due to this, Google has launched the Google Wi-Fi node which is available for only $99 and you can easily get on Google Store. Each of the nodes provides 1500 square feet of coverage Wi-Fi.

Probably it is the best technological product which you can get in 2020. With better network speed and connectivity, it can be one of the highest-ranging devices for users.

What exactly is the purpose of a Google Nest?

Play the music, podcasts, and other media that are your go-to choices. You may stream your preferred audio material on the updated speaker, and you can establish a home audio system by adding other Nest speakers. Help from Google without having to use your hands. You can use your voice to ask Google questions, receive the latest news, switch on lights, and do much more.

Does Google Nest charge a subscription fee on a monthly basis?

For only $6 a month, you can protect all of the Google Nest cameras, displays, and speakers in your house, and the Google Home app gives you complete control over everything.

Should you make the investment in Google Nest?

If you truly want a smart thermostat and have solid WiFi (and Nest is compatible with your house), then purchasing a Nest thermostat is probably a good investment for you. The model that is more economical comes with the majority of the functions that you will ever want and has a very streamlined and contemporary look. It is straightforward in terms of installation as well as use and operation.

Is Google Nest obsolete?

It was revealed that Works with Nest will be terminated as of August 31, 2019, and the announcement was made on May 7, 2019. It is recommended to users that they switch to Google accounts and integrate Google Assistant instead; however, doing so would result in the loss of the option to utilise Works with Nest.

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