How To Perform Eye Tests Online On PC and Phone

Learn how to perform an eye test online from Phone or PC to know your Visual Acuity without having a hassle.

Health experts say you should visit the doctor and check your eye’s vision twice a year to know if your eyes number is increasing or not. But just like me lots of others don’t get a chance to meet the doctor to examine their eye’s cornea.

Now you can examine your eye’s vision from anywhere through a smartphone or use a computer. We’ll examine your eye’s vision in a doctor’s clinic is best to choose but if you know the proper ideas to check your eyes number then you can easily check your eye’s vision through your computer or smartphone with the help of the Snellen Chart.

What is the Snellen Eye Chart and How to Use Snellen Eye Chart to Examine Eye Vision

If you don’t know what is Snellen Eye Chart is and how to use the Snellen Eye Chart to examine your eye’s vision then keep reading.

“Snellen Eye Chart is a row of Alphabets of different sizes – You have to read these alphabets  usually from one-meter distance in ascending  and descending order”

Snellen Eye Chart to Examine Eyes 

eye vision chart
Online Eye Test Chart

To know if your eye number is increasing or not you have to read the alphabet given in the Snellen Eye Chart from some distance usually 20 feet. The proper way to read Snellen’s eye chart is to read the alphabet from down to top in simple words “small size letters to big size letters” and stop when you can’t able to read any size of the alphabet.

Online Tools To Check Eye Vision

On the Web there are lots of tools by using you can easily check your eye’s visions but I recommend you use Mindbluff Eye Test Chart . You have to use a physical ruler to examine the length of the line of the screen (Length depends upon your screen resolution ).

  1. Set the length of the line in Inches or meters.
  2. Set the distance from the monitor (20 feet).
  3. Select Chart Type (letter/picture).
  4. View Alphabets in Larger and Smaller sizes.

After filling in the information you are ready to perform the test but remember you have to cover one eye with your hand and then read the alphabet and it same goes for the eye.

While performing the test, when you can’t able to read the bigger or smaller size you have to stop!

Eye Exam Online Tool

It’s another tool to check your eye vision and it’s called EyeExamOline, with this tool, you can examine your eyes with different types of Snellen Eye Charts. The process of testing your eyes was the same as above.

Be one meter away from a screen, and cover your left eye (one by one ). When you can’t able to read When the characters are no longer readable, then stop right there and you are able to see your eye’s visual acuity.

This is the end of this short guide. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

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