Unlock Your SD Card Using Computer

How Can I Unlock My SD Card ( Memory  Card ) Using My  PC  ?

SD Card one of the most amazing invention by new technology currently billion of devices running on different operating system support expect some popular brands such as Apple iPhone and some other come as built-in Memory means no card supported.

Currently , you can buy 1GB to 128GB SD card for your device if it support it. To check how much GB memory card your smartphone or tablet support visit this official page.

So for privacy reason lot of SD card user set password on their SD card by doing this only they can access there SD card. But sometime you forget the password sequence and planing to buy a new SD card. The amazing thing is that you can Unlock your SD card using your personal computer (PC).

How it’s Work 

To unlock your SD card that has password protection you only required a computer running on Windows.  Generally there are lots of ways to unlock your SD card but using PC is best and safe.


Unlock SD Card
Unlock SD Card Using PC

Follow the step by step guide to unlock your SD Card or memory card with your PC and share this post if it’s work for you.

Before going any further, first of all you have connect  your smartphone or tablet with the PC remember insert SD card on device you going to connect. If you don’t know how to connect smartphone or tablet on PC read my article with step by step guide to connect smartphone to PC.

When you connect your smartphone or tablet on PC…

( Step 1 )

Go the “File Manager” on you smartphone or tablet.

( Step 2 )

Now in Phone “Settings” > System Folder.

(Step 3 )

In System Folder, search a file named “mmcstore“.

( Step 4 )

Now send the file on your PC with the help of USB cable or Bluetooth

(Step 5)

Open that file on Notepad, and you see the password location.

Now you can remove the password and save that file on System folder or you can change the password.