How To Change Font Size On Computer

All have different preferences for display and appearance settings on a computer. We are using these days a lot of devices, whether it is a computer or it is a computer. We all have display settings in it. We customize all these settings according to our preferences. In such settings, people want to know how to change the font size on computer. Here we are going to answer this question that how to change the font size on computer.

You don’t have to search it again on Google or don’t you have to ask your friends, because we are here to help you know how to change the font size on computer. You just have to follow the steps that we are going to tell you here below. Below mentioned steps are for all of you, you can follow the steps and change font size on the computer.

How To Change Font Size on Computer

Follow these given below step by step instructions to adjust the font size on Windows or Mac computer in no time without having a hassle.

  • Start your windows computer.
  • Now find the start button and click on it. 
  • Now find the Settings gear icon in the Start menu.
  • Open Settings
  • Click on the option called “System”.
  • Now in the Left menu find the Display option
  • Now find the section called “Scale and Layout”.
  • Here you can click on “Scale and Layout” and find font size settings.
  • Here you will find the recommended size set at 150%.
  • You can easily reduce it according to your preferences.

It is related to the visibility

Yes, it is not only related to the font size of the display of your computer. But also it is related to the visibility of content that we are reading on our computer daily. The good news for all of us is that while reading the text content on web browsers you can simply increase the font size by zooming in with the shortcut. The shortcut is press Ctrl+Mouse Scroll Up.

But we are here talking about the font size of all the other menus, windows explorers, start menu, taskbar and all other things on the computer. To change that font size you have to go through some basic settings of your computer. All of these settings are provided to you in this post. Above mentioned steps will make you enable to change font size according to your preference.

Conclusion :

You can see that it is a very important issue about the font sizes. You can easily change the font size according to your preferences. We are stating it as an important issue because most of the people face problem while reading out the small texts under the address bar, start menu, etc. But if you can change the settings and increase the font size according to you then it will be easy for you to see and read the text clearly.