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How To Delete Cookies In Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft newly launched Windows operating system Windows 10 comes up with lots of new features such as Microsoft Edge web browser that replace internet explorer there are some other new features which allow users to easily access.

Previously we talk about how you can easily enable or disable Cortana in Microsoft and how you can easily fix the version email service in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Cookies FAQ :

  • How do I can remove Microsoft Edge cookies in Windows 10
  • Can I clear Edge Browser Cookies 
  • How I can clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge
  • How to block, enable or allow cookies in Edge

In this article, we discuss how you can clear, remove or delete the browser cookies in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

What is Browser Cookies :

In simple words, web browser cookies are the message that web servers passed to your web browser when you open any web page. All messages were stored in your computer hard disk.

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You can easily remove your browsing cookies in Edge browser with any trouble.

Delete Cookies In Microsoft Edge 

Follow the step by step guide to remove all cookies in edge browser.

Step 1 : 

Open Microsoft Edge web browser in your machine

Step 2 :

Now click on “Action Button” on the top right

Step 3 : 

Now choose Settings via Menu

Step 4 : 

Open Advanced Settings and scroll down a little

Step 5 : 

Now select drop down arrow under the cookies tab

Step 6 : 

Select Block Cookies if you want to disable cookies in the edge browser
I hope you can easily enable or disable your web browser cookies on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. To know more information about Microsoft Edge cookies read this official support page of Microsoft.

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