How to Change NAT Type Xbox One, PC

Change NAT Type Xbox One: If you’re thinking to change the NAT Type on Xbox One game console of yours in this case this is a perfect article for you only. Well, if you’re playing games on Xbox One as a single player then you’ve missed out on an amazing feature offered by Microsoft Xbox for its users.

The feature called Pear-To-Pear (P2P) networking. Firstly, why you should play games against the computer it is not fun but playing against your brother or friend and defeating them is an awesome experience game-like Racing, Battle Front etc.

There are lots of multiple players games were available in the Xbox store that you can play against your friend or brother or sisters. Well for playing against your brother or friend on Xbox you have made some changes into Xbox NAT Type to enable multiple players.

What is NAT Type? Where to find it on Xbox One

Network Address Translation also called NAT the name refers to the process of the device that use to identify on the web. For instance, in your home, most of the devices such as PC, Tablet, Smart TV,  Cell Phone and many more device are connected to the same wireless network via a router to access the internet.

The wireless network of the router has an individual IP Address, and when you connect and device to your wireless network that device has the same IP address. So all the device that using the internet via a router on your home has the same IP address.

In simple words, When your Xbox One has to pair with other Xbox One device to share or exchange information. Your Xbox One needed to be sure it doesn’t get mixed with other devices.

For this, the Xbox One uses a UPnP technology called (Plug-N-Play) used by the routers. If your router has the capability of this feature then it will get connected to the other Xbox One.

Change NAT Type Xbox One

How To Change Xbox One NAT to Open?

You’ve to set NAT Type to open to connect with other Xbox Players. Once you get connected you can exchange text, voice chat, join games without having a hassle. For this, you’ve to make changes to your Xbox One along with the Wireless Router.

Change NAT Type on Xbox One

Follow the below-given step by step guide to change NAT Type on your Xbox One game console.

Step 1: Go to IP Settings on Xbox One

Firstly, Go to the Settings > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > IP Settings

Now, Type the IP Address and Mac Address

Step 2: Type Your IP Address on the Web Browser

Now, go to the Web Browser, and enter the IP address in the search bar and hit the enter button and login into your router web page. You can go to the user guide provided by your Router Provider and follow them to login to the router page using the PC or Cell Phone.

Step 3: Modify the Xbox to ‘Static IP’

Once you login into your Router web page using your computer, Then go to the Router Settings and now you’ve to set the IP address of your Xbox One to Static IP or Manual IP form the numbers that you’ve copied from Xbox Settings.

Step 4: Change The Router Fort Forwarding

Now, in this step, you’ve to modify the Router Fort Forwarding option. Fill in these specific ports – 3074, 88, 80, 53 –  into the Start Port and End Port fields, for each line. Save your changes.

Step 5: Test Xbox One Network Changes

Go to your Xbox settings and then open the Network Settings. Now, choose the “Test Network Connection”. If you see the network is shown active then choose the “Test Nat Type” it should displays to Open as shown in the given screenshot.

All Done, The process seems to be complicated but believe me just follow the steps and enjoy.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the basic question regarding this article for more help.

How Can I Access My Router Settings?

Most of us working with technology for longtime period but for those you don’t know about the wireless network technology and don’t know how to access the router settings then you can follow these steps.

1. Find the IP Address of your Router

Firstly, you’ve to locate the IP Address of your Router, there are some places where you can easily find the Router IP Address.

# On The Router – Pick up your router and check its background where you find a sticker with where the IP Address has been printed as default.

# On the Mac or PC – In the Mac, go to the System Preference > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > TCP/IP > Your IP Address. In the PC running on Windows, go to the WiFi icon given at the right bottom corner of the screen > Right Click on it and choose “Properties” > IPv4 Address.

2. Open Web Browser on your PC or Mac

Now, you have the IP address of your router after this go to the Web browser on your PC system and enter the following IP address to the search bar and hit the enter button.

After this, you’ll see the login page of the router now enter the login credentials that you’ve set when the router was installed. If you don’t set the login details then use system default login.

For this, Pick up your router and see the sticker on the background where you find the deafult login credentials and use them to login into the Router page.

What is the procedure for changing my NAT type?

In order to change NAT Type on Windows PC you need to follow these steps.

1.Select the Start menu option from the menu bar.
2.Go to the Settings menu.
3.Go to the Network and Internet tab.
4.Then choose Change advanced sharing settings after selecting Wi-Fi.
5.Check the Turn on automatic configuration of network-connected equipment box and activate the Turn on network discovery option.

On Xbox, what is the NAT type?

The settings or characteristics of the router upon that networks you use to internet connection determine your NAT type. Your NAT type, together with the NAT types of all other online players, decides whether you may talk with them during party chat or play multiplayer with them.

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