How To Uninstall Yahoo From Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a newly introduced web browser on Windows 10 if you upgrade your computer machine to Windows 10 then you see some new features come along with Windows 10 such as Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Universal App and a lot more know more about new features of Windows 10 read PCWorld article named “New features of Windows 10”.

So, In this guide, we talk about how you can easily remove disable or uninstall the Yahoo toolbar from the Microsoft Edge web browser from your machine without anybody’s help, you can remove the toolbar on your own without calling any computer technical team.

Remove Yahoo Toolbar From Edge Browser

Follow the step-by-step guide to removing the Yahoo toolbar from Windows 10 easily in a few seconds.

Basically, there are two methods by which you can remove the Yahoo toolbar from Windows 10 in this guide, I will tell both methods.

You can remove the Yahoo toolbar from the Microsoft Edge browser in a few steps to uninstall any toolbar or program related to Yahoo on your computer.

Remove the Yahoo Program From Windows 10 from the Control Panel

Step 1 : 

Open the Control Panel by Start Menu.

Step 2 : 

Go to Program & Features > Yahoo Program > Right Click to uninstall it.

After uninstalling any Yahoo program from your computer there is one more step left and that removing Yahoo from the Edge browser.

Remove Yahoo From Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge Browser and click on the More actions icon > settings.
  2. Now change the Open with to a specific page. 
  3. Choose the Custom/MSN/Bing from the drop-down menu.

If you choose the custom then enter the website URL in the text box click on the add button and close the EDGE browser.

Restart the EDGE browser

If this method will not solve your problem then you can use the second method which 100% removes the Yahoo toolbar from the EDGE browser.

When you upgrade old Windows to Windows 10 then by default you have the Result Hub program installed automatically on your computer machine. Result Hub will set the homepage of the web browser along with the search engine of the EDGE browser to Yahoo.

You have to remove or uninstall this Result Hub from Windows 10 to resolve the Yahoo toolbar issue.

Uninstall Result Hub From Windows 10

Step 1 : 

Open the Control Panel by Start Menu.

Step  2 : 

Move to Uninstall or Change Programs and locate Result Hub > Right Click and select Uninstall.

This is the end of how to remove Yahoo from Microsoft Edge for more similar guides do check our Windows guides section.

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