How to Make Google My Homepage – Explained

Wonders, how to make google my homepage. Google is one of the most significant search engines used worldwide and is the most accurate one too. So whenever you want to search anything out of the box or super basic, your first approach nowadays is google. So as it used so frequently, time and again going to the browser and searching for.

It can be a bit time consuming and is not appreciated when there’s a lot of work so in that case, the solution which works up is, making google your home page. So you can use google searching for google to find the answer or website.

How To Make Google My Homepage

So you want to know how do I make google my homepage. Now to do it, you have to follow fundamental steps.

Step 1:

Firstly, open any browser like google chrome, Microsoft edge, etc. whichever you prefer, and type,, or in case you are using google itself then by default will open.

Step 2:

Once the page is open, you have to move the cursor to the top on at the right of the search bar, and you have a click on the star-like symbol and add the page to favorites. Before clicking the logo will appear like a hollow star with boundary and after clicking it’ll change by looking like a bold star.

Step 3:

Once you click on the symbol a dialogue box appears to what name you want to give to the favorite page and then you have to add whatever name you want to and click on okay. This way it’ll be added to your favorites.

Step 4:

Next, you have to click on the three horizontal dots appearing at the top on the right corner of the tab and click on it. A drop-down list appears; from there, you gotta get down to ‘settings’. Click on it.

Step 5:

The settings box appears. You will see quite a few drops down form fill options appear. So, firstly to make it your home page, you gotta click on the drop-down of the second option that says ‘open Microsoft edge with’ and then you’ll see options appearing such as start page, end page, etc. The last option you’ll see will be ‘a specific page or pages’. You have to select that.

Step 6:

Another tab to fill that’ll appear there will be ‘enter a URL’. In there, copy the URL on your search tab which you even added to your favorites. With open Microsoft edge with a specific page or pages, copy the link in the enter a URL tab and save it by clicking on the save symbol just on the right side of the URL tab.

Step 7:

Now you gotta, get back to the drop-down list, scroll down and click on ‘advanced settings’. You will see a tab with a title of ‘search in the address bar with bin’ and click on ‘Change search engine’.  When you click on it, it’ll give you two options, the default page and the page chrome page you recently searched.

Step 8:

Click on the recently discovered google one. And then click on set as default.

Now it is set as default. Now even if you close it thoroughly and then open it again the home page appearing in front of you will be the google one and also if you place some search in the search tab, you will see that it’ll search in Google chrome automatically.

Wrapping Up!

So this is all for making google as my homepage, and this process is so easy, it is like with a minimum of 4-5 steps you can set your home page as Google.

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