How to Turn Off Scroll Lock – Step by Step Guide

Wondering how you can turn off the scroll lock in excel on Windows or Mac, here we go with the information. That you need to know to disable scroll lock.

Whenever working on Excel, and everything is going fine, you may notice that some of the features stop working. You may be able to move there in a proper manner. You start pressing the keys but find difficulty in moving there. The whole worksheet will be the hell of it in the current situation to you. Don’t get panic at this time. The issue can be of enable. Go with further information and check for such steps.

What is a Scroll Lock in Excel?

When you move the arrow keys they move only one of the cells at the time. It will move on the direction which you wish for. When it is in the enable form, then the worksheet is in actually in the scroll form. The arrow keys of up and down will scroll one of the rows to the direction in requirement. Also the left and right arrow keys will move one of the columns to the rightward or the leftward side. As the cell which is an inactive form will never get in change way.

This night make you confuse and can mess up your mind. In a fortunate way, a setting is nothing but a toggle which is just like a caps lock form. You may kindly scroll key on your keyboard there. Press it to get the scroll lock in off position.

If you don’t find the key of the scroll lock on your keyboard, then it can be a bit harder. There is also a way in excel to perform the features there instead of on the keyboard. It can be done both in Windows as well as in a Mac.

How to Turn Off Scroll Lock In Excel

Here are the steps which will help you in disabling the scroll lock in excel.

Procedure 1: Turning Off Scroll Lock In the Windows

Step 1

Firstly, go to the start menu and click there. It appears in the leftward bottom corner of the screen.

Step 2

Click on the program’s option. It will show you the various list of options when you will click on it.

Step 3

Now select the option of Microsoft office. Select it in the programs tab.

Step 4

Now open Microsoft Excel from it. It will launch you the program of Microsoft Excel on your device.

Step 5

Check there on the screen whether the scroll lock is in an able position or not. The scroll lock there will appear on the left corner of the window. If you don’t find it, then it is already disabled.

Step 6

You will find the key of the scroll lock at the rightward corner on the upward side. It will show you the ScrLk option.

Step 7

Once it is in disable form, the word of ScrLk will disappear there on the screen.

Procedure 2 : Disable Scroll Lock in Excel On the Mac

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Excel as per the steps of Windows. Now verify the state of scroll lock there and observe the behavior on it.

Step 2

Move there the arrow keys and get the address in the box showing the name. It is there in the direction of the formula bar. If you find that the address is not in a changing way, the. The scroll lock is already turned in an on position.

Step 3

Change the address there. Now when it will change, you will find that the scroll lock is now off.

More About Scroll Lock in Mac

There is usually the Apple script option in mac. It is a language there to get the applications in an automatic form. It also allows users to perform various tasks as per the need. Also it includes the activation of the Microsoft Excel option. It was well in the test and also the preferential in any way. The keystrokes of apple script get the general tasks that can be in use by any of the forms. For using this script, it needs a proper way of command to it to get the natural way of anything in the way.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you find it informative and useful for your knowledge. After all, stay in connection with more topics and meanings to it. Also don’t forget to give feedback below.