5 Ways To Fix Tap To Load Problem on Snapchat – (2021)

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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platform application to keep in touch with our friends and family members. The app has multiple features such as quick UI addon on featured laden application. However recently lots of users of Snapchat are facing an issue sometimes we have to tap to chat to have it load properly.

Well this is an way to annoying because since we usually just want to tap the snap to view not wait for them to load properly. We don’t worry in this short guide we are going to cover the fixes that you can easily apply to for tap to load error on Snapchat without having a hassle.

What Are The Main Cause of “Tap To Load” Problem?

Snapchat has by default auto downloading snaps feature when the snap are received on your Snapchat account. To view them you simply needed to click on them. But recently N numbers of Snapchat users are complaining that their snap are not auto downloading. Which means they needed to download the snaps manually which is way to annoying and time consuming.

There some issues that may causing this problem that may related to the network connectivity on the front hand. However if you’ve stable internet connection then you needed to apply below given fixes to get rid of the issue without having a hassle.


Fixes For “Tap To Load” Issue on Snapchat

Here some of the possible fixes that you can apply to get rid of the tap to load problem on snapchat. You needed to try all the fixes and one of them will make the magic for you.

Restart The Snapchat App

This is one of the initial step that you needed to take whenever you’re perform the troubleshoot for an application. Because sometimes due some common issue or the temporary bug or file the application stop functioning properly.

To quickly get rid of the problem you needed to close the Snapchat application properly and optimize your android smartphone to clear all the temporary files. After this restart the Snapchat application and try to view your Snaps. In case if the problem is gone for good then you don’t apply  below given fixes.

Disable Optimization on Snapchat

Nearly all the android devices has an options to optimize the application on the system to reduce the application lagging and data usage. Mainly this feature puts the application into the sleep mode to free up the OS memory to run system smoothly.

But most of the tech expert says, the optimizing applications does not get access to the data (Its not really confirmed). So in order to Snapchat to access the auto download the snaps you needed to disable the optimization feature for the Snapchat app on your smartphone.

Go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Battery > Optimize battery usage to disable Snapchat optimization.



Here you needed to choose “All” from the dropdown menu then simply locate the Snapchat application.

After this simply toggled the slider off to stop the smartphone to optimizing the app.

Turn off Data Saver on Smartphone

If you’ve turn on the data saver function on your smartphone then this could cause all the background application to have limited access to the data. Similarly to the above given scenario, Which could result in Snapchat not able to auto download the snaps in the background process.

Steps to turn off the data saver on your smart device, Go to the smartphone Settings > Connection > Data Usage > Data Saver.

Tip: Android 10 has and option that allow a application to get data even the data saver mode in enabled. To enable this function. Go to the Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Mobile Data > Allow App with Data Saver On.

Clear Snapchat App Cache

Due to the some of the application cache files can be issue for tap to load problem. The cache file is an temporary file that are saved on your phone internal memory and can load small feature faster for the particular application.

But sometimes due to corrupted cache files the application face some errors.

This may also an reason for the tap to load issue on the Snapchat and you can easily fix this by simply clearly the Snapchat cache files.

Here to clear the cache files on Snapchat application. Go to the Settings of your Phone > Apps > Snapchat > Clear Cache.



Hopefully this short guide help you to get rid of the tap to load on snapchat. Well in case if you’ve any other question or issue related to the Snapchat then feel free to ask us through the comment box and don’t forget to share your opinions on this guide.


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