How To Cancel Chegg Membership

How To Cancel Chegg Account? One of the best educational websites mainly specialized in textbooks where you can make study online through video tutorials, online books and some other features also available for college students such as Internship. Mainly Chegg offers almost all student services.

But if you’re not satisfied with Chegg service you can easily cancel your Chegg subscription without facing any issue.

how to cancel chegg membership

Cancel Chegg Membership

There are two ways from which you can easily terminate your account.  If you’re short on time try to choose the Chegg Live Chat option to cancel your account. However, if you’re not in a rash then you can also cancel your account over your phone.

How To Cancel Chegg Account on Live Chat 

To cancel your account Chegg using a live chat service. Readout given below guides.

Step 1 : 

Go to Chegg Page and login into your Chegg Account

Step 2 : 

Click on the Chat button

Step 3 : 

In the chatbox send a request “I want to cancel my Chegg account”.

Step 4 : 

Chegg Customer Associate will ask you the reason for cancellation for your account. Once you give reply your account will be terminated.

How To Delete Chegg Account Over Phone and Email 

You can also delete the Chegg account by contacting Chegg customer service officer by Phone or Email Address.

Close Chegg Account Over Phone Number

If You’ll find using Phone is handy then from your cell phone just dial (1-844-244-5949) and talk to the Chegg service centre and request him or her to cancel your Chegg Membership. Give the reason for account cancellation. Hence your account will be terminated within a few minutes.

Close Chegg Account Over Email Address

You can also deactivate your account by sending an email to Chegg Customer Care.

Email Format : 


Subject: Request to delete my account


Dear customer support of Chegg,

I created a Chegg account by accident and would like to see it closed and my data removed.
Can you do that for me, please?

Name: [Your name]
The email associated with the account: [Your email address]

Kind regards,
[Your name]

You’ll send an email using the above format to Chegg and after some time may be one hour you receive confirmation email conforms with a text “Thank you so much for reaching out. As requested, your Chegg account has been closed”.

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