How to Watch YouTube Video Together with Friend

Looking for a way to watch youtube video together with friend or family on a single screen. This quarantine period has got over everybody’s head, and it not hidden that you all miss watching shows and kinds of stuff together with your group of friends and then chit-chatting about it. Now not only this quarantine period but also if you and your group of people live away or maybe you have to watch something together with a client od yours or any situation.

Where two people together or apart want to watch something together on their own devices or different devices can do it with ease now.

How to Watch YouTube Video Together with Friend

There’s always a way to something, and this time to this situation, you got a straightforward, basic, fun, and exciting technique to use and vanish this situation off.

Now to watch YouTube together with a friend at the same time.

Step 1:

You gotta open a browser, and go to a website ‘’. Now once you are on this website, you have to create a room, and after you create one, you legit don’t have to login or create an account or do anything else.

Step 2:

Now once you create a room, you find a video by default loaded that eventually starts playing right away.

Step 3:

To use it, at the bottom, you’ll see your profile as per if you tap on it, it’ll open up your profile and then when more people join the room.

Step 4:

You can also invite people to your room through a link or something like that by clicking on the user and then the plus icon. Then you can copy the link that appears and share it anywhere, any person or any group of friends you want, and those people can enter the room with the link you shared.

Step 5:

Now to add a song or any video or something to the watch party, what you have to do is go to youtube and search for whatever you want to watch and copy its URL and then you have to paste it to the box that appears on the top of the watch party room. Anyhow this deed can be performed by anybody and not only the creator of the room. You can again add a video to your playlist from in there only.

Step 6:

Now after copying the URL, you have to click on the start button, and the video starts to play. You can have multiple videos in one playlist, or you can create multiple of them too.

Wrapping Up!

Now, this is the easiest, convenient, and most excellent way when you look forward to watching something together with a group of people or your friends maybe. And this way you can watch any particular video with legit any number of people you wish.

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