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How To Turn On Track Changes In Word

Searching for how you can turn on Track Changes in Word?  Let’s discuss it on this page. What is Track Changes in Word Track changes feature can be easily performed in Ms. Word through the type of redlining which is best for the indication of

How To Make One Page Landscape In Word

How to make one page landscape in Word. Windows users have two-page layout options while creating a word document. The Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode, and generally most of the MS word users prefer portrait mode which comes as default. But if you wanted to

How to Add Checkbox in Word Document

Add Checkbox In Word: Microsoft Word has various purposes and it is not only the application of word processing. You can perform the formatting of the text in various ways and can make business documents in professional form. As with much of the features and

4 Ways on How to Insert a Line in Word

 Insert A line in Word: There are various ways of  Insert A line in Word. It includes various procedures to follow for that. Other than using the keyboard for drawing the lines here we have various other ways also. Procedure 1: By the use of

How to Change Default Font in Word

Change Default Font in Word: We have various apps of Microsoft Office available out there that are Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and even many more. They all arrive with the initial settings in which most of them are settled to default. It includes none other than