Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500 [RESOLVED]

Minecraft Realms Internal server Error; Minecraft has the capability for the players in the making of new servers. Such servers can be created by one person that is joined by the other players for sharing the server address or the key. Other than this, servers can also be joined who are official or are managed through private parties.

At the time of joining the server in Minecraft, you will get the experience of the error message which is the Internal Server Error 500.

Such an error signifies that there is an issue with the computer in its local form and there are a few misconfigurations or the mismatch between its mods. This error may appear to be cumbersome, but the solutions for this are most effective as well as straightforward.

How To Fix Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500

Here we have the solutions explained for it:-

Before moving on with the solutions, it is necessary to check that you are logged in there as the administrator on the computer. Also, you must have an open and the internet connection inactive form and have none of the issues of connection with the servers of the network.

Minecraft Realms Internal server Error

Method 1 # Check the Installed Mods

Mods are the core of the gameplay in Minecraft. They make the gameplay even more interesting as well as interactive and give much control to the users on how their game appears along with the cool features.

Though it gives much control to mods and has the downside to itself and mods that are known as for crashing the game there.

You must do a double check of all the mods that are installed on the computer and check the versions of them. If you found any of them mismatching, then do the consideration for disabling the mod and try for the launching it.

You can perform easy checking of the version compatibility of the mod from the official website of the developer.

The technique of simple troubleshooting is simply disabling all of the mods and then enabling it afterward one by one to view what the issues are causing there.

You can also give a try for re-downloading of all of the mod packs to view where the error is. Such an error provides the Quick solution unless some of the mods is undergoing with the issues with the compatibility of the version.

Method 2 # Deleting of the UUID folders in Minecraft

If you are stuck in the Internal server error and Minecraft was all good before it, then it means that there is an issue with the User profile which you made in Minecraft. We have seen various cases where the specific user was not able for entering into the Server whereas the other players where entering easily there.

Here in this solution, we will take the UUID from the external website, and then we will delete the folders that include such IDs on the computer or server. Only the temporary data will be deleted therefore there is nothing to worry about there.

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Do the navigation of the website and then obtain the UUID of yours after entering all of the details.

Step 2

Now login there to the server and do the navigation to the server files and then go to the world.

Step 3

Do the selection of the players and delete the user name of the person along with the UUID for the one who is getting the error message.

Step 4

Then give a restart to the local computer and then try for connecting to the server again and check there if the issue gets solved or not.

Method 3 # Updating and Reinstalling Minecraft

As the servers are known to have compatibility in limited form with the Minecraft versions. The older version of Minecraft is rendered to have non- compatibility and all of the users are trying for connecting to the server to get the rejection in it.

Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the installation of Minecraft is updated to the build-in latest form.

If you have the issues with installation files, then such a solution may give the trick to you and will solve the error message. The complete reinstallation will do the solving of the problem in an instant form. You must do the backing up of the user profile data as well as mods.

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Press the keys of Windows + R for opening the Run dialog box. Now type there appwiz.cpl in the given dialog box and then click on the Enter key.

Step 2

Now in the application manager, do the locating of the Minecraft and then do right click on it. Then do the selection of the Uninstall button.

Step 3

Do the navigating of the Minecraft official website and then insert there the credentials and then do the downloading of the game again.

It is to be noted that such a method targets the local Minecraft copy. Also, make sure that you have the latest version of the server and all of the modules too.

Method 4 # Checking the Installed Plugins

The Vanilla Minecraft servers are much popular as they provide the ability to the player for the installation of plugins in their Minecraft game for changing the gameplay a bit.

It also introduces various new cool features. Plugins are to the most developed by third-party vendors and can be easily downloaded through any of the places on the Internet.

The plugins are installed simply by dropping and dragging the files of the plugin into the server’s folder of the plugin. Then a restart is necessary. In actuality, the problem comes when you have done the installation of many plugins or the incompatibles too.

You can check easily that which of the version of the plugin you are in use by typing there /version inside the window of the plugin. Take a proper check that all of the plugins are properly compatible and are working in perfection to the version of the latest one.

For troubleshooting, you can disable in an easy way each of the plugin one by one or the check forums that are Reddit for viewing of the similar cases of such an error due to the plugin.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Minecraft Realms Internal server Error with complete information.

What is error connecting to realms in Minecraft

Check to see which problem is resolved by restarting the computer or device. Connection issues can frequently be resolved by restarting. Close the game after logging from out Microsoft, immediately log back in. Make absolutely sure you get a solid connection to the router whether you’re utilising an wireless connection.

Why are the realms for Minecraft down?

It’s likely that Realms are down unless you & your friends is having trouble connecting to a world. There is no official service status page for Minecraft Realms. The Mojang Status Twitter feed should be checked first to see if the service is unavailable.

Why can’t I sign up for Xbox realms?

Navigate to settings visit a cow ensure you are logged in and select privacy. online security navigating to Xbox Live privacy Likely set something to mature now.

How can my Minecraft realm be fixed?

1.Reopen the realm after closing it.
2.Restart Minecraft Java Edition after closing it.
3.Check to see if the problem is resolved by restarting your computer or device.
4.Close the game, log back into the Microsoft or Mojang profile, and afterwards log out again.

Final Words

here we have seen various methods by which you can solve the issue of Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500. follow all the methods and tell us which of it worked for you. Also, go for more topics.

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