Fix https://Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect – Minecraft Remote Connect

If you don’t know about the use of the Aka ms remoteconnect then don’t worry we are going to explain all about the use and login guide that you must know.

Well, how to use the website to join with other people while playing Minecraft with other people that other folks who set up the cross-play motor on their computer perfectly or how to solve the cross-play error in case if site is not working.

This guide has to complete information about website and how to benefit from the cross-play engine with your friends and other Minecraft players.

What is

If you love to play Minecraft games with your friends from your home or anywhere in the world. Then you must know that is a website that enables you to play Minecraft with your friends or other Minecraft players with devices except for their one.

In simple words, website make the Minecraft games smoother on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch.

But to play the non-Minecraft device you need to register and log in with a free Microsoft account to enjoy the game with other Minecraft players.

Microsoft allows Minecraft players on various devices including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch with Windows PC and Mac even Android and iOS devices.

To play Minecraft games with their employees who wanted to play Minecraft games installed on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 with free Minecraft account login.

How To Use Ms. Reconnect Minecraft aka Minecraft for Windows

First of all, you needed to download and install the latest version of Minecraft from its official website on your Windows PC.

If you’ve already downloaded and installed the Minecraft then run the Mr. RemoteConnect on your computer or laptop on which the Minecraft has been installed.

You can easily download the Minecraft remoteconnect from its official website for free cost. The Ms remoteconnect will automatically determine the Minecraft version on your computer and set up it.

All you needed to do is click on the connect to play Minecraft using ms remote connect aka Minecraft for windows.

Guide To Enter the Minecraft Code

After connecting your PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch to a Microsoft Live Account, you can play Minecraft with your friends on other platforms.

But to play Minecraft on PS5 you don’t require Microsoft Account however but to crossplay with a PS4 or non-PS4 device requires a Microsoft Account.

Go To the following this link to sign in to your Microsoft Account.

Enter the 8-digit unique code.

You are needed to use the account details of your MS account to be configured with your PS Network account.

Click on Play to go to the Minecraft home screen once you log into your Microsoft Account.

Change to the right to reach the Friends tab.

Click Add a Friend.

Enter Microsoft Gameretags one by one to find your friend.

Xbox PhoneApp to Setup Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox One?

If you wanted to set up Microsoft Remote Connect on the Microsoft Xbox One game console to play Minecraft with your friends.

In case you don’t know the proper steps to configure the settings, then follow the below-given step-by-step instructions.

Note: These steps are only for the Phone App users 

Go to your Xbox One game console and navigate to the browser and visit (

 You’ve to be redirected to the loving web page, where you need to enter your Microsoft free account details.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Once you’ve followed all the 3 steps use the Xbox Mobile App to set up Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox One game console.

How To Setup Cross-Play Engine Xbox One or 360?

Follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to configure the cross-play engine Xbox One.

1. Go to your Xbox One or Xbox 360 and navigate to the Microsoft Store.

2. After accessing the Microsoft Store from your Microsoft Xbox One game. Go to the Download section.

3. Now you needed search for Minecraft for Xbox One on your game console.

Note: The game is free to download if it’s and Minecraft One Edition. 

4. Start the Minecraft Games on your Xbox One.

5. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to configure the cross-play with other Minecraft players who have already set up the cross-play functions and features on your gaming devices.

After following the above steps your know how you can easily able to set up the cross-play engine on your Microsoft Xbox One or 360 game console.

Setup Minecraft Cross-play on PlayStation 4 or Switch?

If you wanted to set up the Minecraft Cross play on the gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

In case you don’t know to proper process or steps to configure your PS4 or Switch for the Minecraft Cross-Play.

1. Go to the Nintendo Shop on your Sony PlayStation Store or PS4 Console.

Nintendo Switch: Search for Minecraft and tap on the download Minecraft for Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4: Type “Minecraft PS4” and tap on the download Minecraft for PS4

2. After downloading the Minecraft on your game console, Register a new Minecraft account by filling in the required details for registration.

3. Once you’ve successfully registered a Minecraft Account. Go to the login page to the remote connection.

4. You’ve got the eight-digit activation code. That will be required to activate your account on the AKS MS Remote Connect website.

5. Go to the following website –

Note: You can perform the activation on the following devices, Windows / Mac / Android / iOS.

6. Enter the activation code on your game console screen to configure the settings. After this hit the “Next” button.

7. In this last step you needed to follow the on-screen guides to complete the login.

Now you can easily able to set up the Minecraft cross-play on your PlayStation 4 or other gaming consoles without having an extra hassle.

Delete All Minecraft Corrupted Game Date and Minecraft Saved?

In case if you wanted to delete all the Minecraft saved and the corrupted game dates from your gaming device and don’t know the process steps to remove all unwanted stuff then don’t you can easily able remove all the unnecessary Minecraft stuff such as Corrupted Game Date and Minecraft Saved without having a hassle.

1. After of all Start the Minecraft game on your device.

2. Once Minecraft is launched on your device, you needed to go to the Settings.

3. After this navigate to the “System Settings” > “Storage” > Game Storage to access all the Minecraft files.

4. Remove all the files in the Launch the Minecraft.

Ultimate Guide: Login & Out to Microsoft (Fix Error / Switch Gamertag / Switch Video Guide)

Here we are going to go through all the useful information that a Minecraft gamer needed to get rid of the errors and perform certain changes.

What is Https// Error?

Most of the time when you’re trying to access your Microsoft account by “https//aka-ms/remote connect” then an unexpected error may occur.

Minecraft was switched to the Microsoft Platform. Well, there are tons of exceptional services on the platform well we all know its a creative game for building blocks.

Well, the “https//aka-ms/remote connect” error commonly occurs on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch along with other gaming consoles. You can also go through this error on your PC or the computer from which you’re trying to access the

Don’t worry, here we are going to guide how you can easily able to get rid of this error without having a hassle.

What are the main causes of the error?

There are some possible causes of which you will face this problem and some of the most common issues for the error are explained below.

Change of Devices:

Minecraft is giving cosplays services to its users for integration into different platforms. This simply means users can easily able to access all services from one device.

It is a simple yet very useful way of gaming on your personal devices such as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC or Mac. The second reason for which this error occurs is corrupted files.

Corrupted Game Data:

The game files are the core of the gameplay and play a significant role for gamers.

Well, the corrupted game data will go to cause lots of trouble for every gamer you can easily able to check the game data errors from the device from which you playing the game.

Most of the time, for PC gamers it’s way too easy to fix the error without having a hassle and without taking the help of any technical expertise.

The quick re-installation is an easy fix but its not stand for a longer time period. The game-saved files can easily get corrupted on your system using an Antivirus etc.

The corrupted files will go to create an error when you try to access the game to play that’s why it’s best to take a daily backup of your game to avoid playing the same game level again and again. In case something goes wrong with the game and you need to fix it.

How To Reslove “https//” Error ?

Now we are going to discuss how you can able to get rid of https// error. Here in this short quick guide, we tell you how you can fix this error using different methods.

These are some of the methods you can use to fix the error on your device.

Minecraft Microsoft Account PS4

You can follow these steps to fix Minecraft Microsoft Account PS4 errors within a few minutes.

1. Firstly, open the web browser on your device and go to the PS4 Store.

2. After this, tap on the Download Option and start using it. The Minecraft Game download on your device.

Note: The player is required to have the paid version of the Minecraft Game.

3. Now you can try the Remote Play features. The PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will give users a choice to log in through the Microsoft Account. Select the login option and login into the Minecraft game.

4. After the successful login you will get the remote to connect data.

5. Save the code from the PlayStation 4. It is an important requirement to run the remote play feature.

We highly recommend it to the gamers who wanted to play the game on multiple devices. Try it out on your device just visit the remote connect official site to resolve the error.

Get Rid of the Xbox One Cross plays Error

Getting rid of the Xbox Cross plays error is quite easy to perform. Here are some simple steps to start the Xbox Cosplays on your gaming device.

1. In case if you wanted to remote play code then you’ve to visit the

2. The official website will display the code for the remote play feature. You must have a Microsoft account to access this feature.

3. Now you needed to sign with their free-to-use Microsoft account it’s needed on your Xbox game console.

4. Well, it’s almost easier to start the remote play on the device. You need to visit the

5. You need the Microsoft Account to work on this amazing feature. For this sign in through the free account or create a new one.

6. After the sign-in process you need to enter the Remote Play Code on your device. The code is available on your Xbox game console for the remote play feature. Once you entered the code the Microsoft Minecraft game automatically starts.

How To Play With Friends on Other Platforms

Generally, there are three different ways to enable it to create a new world, joining a friendly game or participating in the game.

Create a New World: 

If you’re set on creating a new world enabling the cross-play is easy. Whenever you’re on the creation screen all you need is to navigate to the Multiplayer tab underneath the default Game tab and ensure that the multiplayer option is enabled.

Once you’ve completed the created your world you can easily able to invite or add people to your game without having a hassle.

The Friends tab is the tab on the left side of the Worlds tab while you are in the play menu. This tab helps you see who among your friends are now online and connectible, even those that play elsewhere and on the same platform. You can just pick to join a game from here.

Joining a Realm:

Playstation 4’s Bedrock Edition is also fully supported by servers and realms. They are not available but will be included in future updates. They will not be available.

If you want to join one of your friends or if you want to create a realm, you can easily do this through your Friends tab When they arrive.

Known issues

With the time we receive new information and scenario change, this section will change and evolve.

Each significant launch has to be overcome by a few speedbumps, and switching from one version to the next is no exception. Here are all the problems, we know today:

Some people cannot log in to Playstation 4 of their Microsoft account. This is a problem that Mojang knows and works on aggressively.

This problem could be handled already for many. Some Reddit users stated that emptying the Cache from Minecraft on Playstation 4 allows them to try login again, with higher achievement.

The second time around, when You are impatient and will not wait till Mojang addresses the issue at their end. This may be done via Settings > Applications > Minecraft on your PS4.

Several PlayStation 4 customers are having trouble accessing content. This is similar to the prior issue with stuff disappearing from Minecraft Earth when both were connected to the same Microsoft Account. Mojang has put a stop to content roaming on the Playstation 4 until they look into the problem.

Although this was apparently fixed with the most recent version, players are still reporting that their content is not syncing. However, it appears that connecting your Microsoft Account to your PS4 is secure and does not harm Minecraft Earth.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the aka ms remoteconnect with complete information.

What is remote connect Minecraft?

Users can attach many devices to a single Microsoft account on the website to gain access to all accessible functionalities. One of the most well-known uses of this connectivity is to play Minecraft on different consoles.

Why is remote connect not working Minecraft?

So simply restarting the device can fix a lot of glitches and cache issues in most devices, whether you’re playing Minecraft on a gaming console, phone, or PC. This should also resolve the problem with not working.

Why is aka ms Remoteconnect not working?

If the Minecraft remote connect option isn’t working, it’s because the account you’re trying to use to connect to Minecraft is already in use. You can resolve this problem by carefully checking and logging out of any other accounts that may be utilizing your account.

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