How to Get a Mounts in FFXIV: [Final Fantasy XIV]

Searching for how to get the mounts in FFXIV?  Let’s discuss it on this page.

There are various mounts available in the Final Fantasy XIV, and each and everyone will be different and of the beasts in distinct types. The category is of two kinds as- Ground as well as the Flying mounts.

How to Get a Mounts In FFXIV

Here are the various lists of the mounts and how users can get them:-

1. Aithon

This is the drop from the Ifrit in the given Bowl of Embers there. It is in extreme formation. It comes in the 50th level of trial and takes the party of about eight players. For the unlocking of this trial, players have to be on the quest of IfritAin’t Broke. After its completion, the Quake Me Up before you O’Ghomoto and the defeat of the in the Titan of Navel in the extreme formation.

2. Amber Draught Chocobo

The obtaining of this mount can be done by the trading of 8 gold Chocobo feathers to the part of NPC Calamity Salvager. Users can get the feathers of Gold Chocobo by the recruiting of the campaign of a friend.

By recruiting, friend users will get the feathers of five in the number of Gold Chocobo. If the friends subscribe this or 150 days then the users will receive the five features of Chocobo feathers. It is the amount of the two-seater, users can easily carry the other player in the back.

3. Black Pegasus

This is the rare mount that has the chance of drop from the sacks of gold trim. The sacks are found on the floors of the palace of the dead of about 151-200. This is in actual a dungeon which is in the location of the black shroud.

If the users will get the mount from the sack of Gold trim then the name of it will be as the Night Pegasus Whistle of it. The use of the whistle will do the claiming that the mount along with the black Pegasus is on the way. It is a popular Mounts in FFXIV.

4. Ceremony Chocobo

It is in obtain from the gold as well as the platinum plan of the bond of Eternal type for the bonding of eternal ceremony. Partners can have the promise of the identical form of the wristlets for the undertaking of the quest.

Which is named The Ties that Bind. For the accessing of this mount players who want to get married can purchase a similar plan which is the both of Gold as well as the platinum one. Both of the players will get the mount of the two-seater.

5. Chocobo Bardings

For the accessing of new bardings into the given character then click on the tiny icon of Chocobo at the upward side to the center of the given screen. It will take the user to the Companion. At the downward side of the screen, users will get the section of Gear there.

Changing of each of the piece of the slots of 3 armor by the selection of whichever the user want to wear from the menu of the dropdown. There each of the available bardings will be visible to the user of the Chocobo mount.

6. Cloud Mallow

It was released with the Horde Patch revenge. The purchasing of this was from the MogmulMogbelly which is in the churning mists in Dravania. It is for the cost of 200,000 Gil. Users can purchase this mount only if they are on the reputation of sworn with the daily quests of Moogle.

For unlocking the quests, users will need the completion of the 50 tricks of quests along with the stones. They can start this by speaking with the stonemason seething in the mists of churning.

7. Disembodied Head

For the purchasing of this mount for the Potsherd Gelmorran of 10 types from the Kotor of E-Una is in the South Shroud in the quarry mill. Users can easily obtain the Potsherd of Gelmorran from the palace of the dead Dungeon. By entering the dungeon and then speaking with the Wailer wood in the shroud south in the quarry mill.

The 50th floor of the dungeon will give the players the reward of the Potsherd Gelmorran for the trading of the Kotor. The coffers bronze will have a great chance at the Gelmorran Potsherds. The required entry is for the quest in completion of the house that death built. Users can also purchase the Final fantasy and can even reach to floor number 50 by it.

8. Fenrir

It is in reward from the saucer of Manderville Gold. The purchase of it is of 1,000,000 MGP from the saucer of Attendant in Gold saucer. The gold saucer is the center of the game with the mini forms of racing of Chocobo along with the different types of activities.

Users can easily purchase the MGP with Gil as it is only in allowance with the players but is less than 500 MGP. For the access of the quest, the completion is needed for the Quests in the Main scenario.

9. Flying Cumulus

The cross-promotion of Amazon was the reason for the obtaining of this mount. For the access of these items by Amazon, users have to purchase about $19.99 or even more on the view of getting the promotional code for it. The partnership of Amazon as well as the final fantasy XIV has to offer the American players on the Northside in the items of the game which includes the amount of flying cumulus along with the different types of tickets.

10. Korpokkur Kolossus

It got the reward from the saucer of gold Manderville. The purchase was done from the MGP of 750,000 from the attendant of the gold saucer.

The gold saucer is a center of the game which comes as the Chocobo racing along with the different types of gaming. Users first have to complete the quest of the It could happen to you. The purchase of MGP is in the allowance for the players with less 500 MGP.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand the various Mounts in FFXIV and how they can get them. Tell us as feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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