How To Fix Ethernet Port Not Working On Macbook

If all of sudden your Macbook Ethernet Port or Service stop working then here are some solution that worked for lots of Macbook users to resolve the issue in no time.

Sometimes Ethernet ports stop working on some computer systems and you have to fix them by following some special tricks and instructions.

You can fix the Ethernet Port on your own with the help of this page information and you don’t need to contact any computer expert friends who feel you down.

In this article, I will tell you the proper ways to reset the ethernet port on your Mac OSX computer.

Fixing Ethernet Port On Macbook Pro

Quick fixes for the ethernet port not working on Mac.

  • shutdown/reboot.
  • disk utility 2x.
  • rebooted cable modem/Router #1 & 2.
  • switch out the original cable to the new Ethernet cable.
  • reconnected Mac to Router #2.
  • switched out the original cable to another Mac.

If you try all the above ways and your computer Ethernet service not working then keep reading…

Note : 

Before moving any further you have to check on your computer system that you didn’t delete or disable the ethernet service.

How To Check Ethernet Service on Macbook

To check Ethernet Service on Mac,

  1. Go to the System Preference  > Networks.
  2. Applications > Utilities > System Profiler: Hardware-Ethernet cards.

Now after checking your ethernet service, your device was showing up on the ethernet network that there is a problem on your ethernet port or something like that.

To fix the Ethernet Port I will tell three methods from which you can easily fix the Ethernet port of your computer.

Reset Ethernet from Terminal

Resetting the ethernet can also fix the issue follow the below steps to learn how you can reset the Ethernet on Mac using Terminal commands.

Open the Terminal using Applications > Utilities.

Enter the following command and hit enter button

sudo ifconfig en0 down

If asked enter your password and then enter below command.

sudo ifconfig en0 up

Now after that check if the Ethernet starts working again.

Note: en0 is the name of the wireless. It could be en1, e2 and more.

Reset SMC and NBRAM on your Mac

You have Reset the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM on your Macbook. Most of the time due to some technical issue your Mac is not able to read SMC and resetting will resolve the issue. SMC is responsible for controlling power on your Macbook.

To reset the SMC and NVRAM read complete guides given by Apple on its official supporting page.

Uninstall Ethernet Service and Re-Install It

.Follow the below steps one by one to delete and re-add the Ethernet service on the Macbook.

  • First of all, make sure the ethernet cable is connected properly.
  • Then navigate to the System Preferences > Network.
  • Look up the services list such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and more. Choose the Ethernet.
  • Click the remove (-, minus) button at the bottom of the list at the left.
  • Click on the Apply button to remove the ethernet service.
  • After that choose the Bluetooth PAN and click the Advanced button.
  • After that click on the DHCP Lease button. Hit the OK and Apply button.
  • Now Restart your Macbook.
  • After the Restart go to the System Preferences > Network.
  • Click the add (+) button to open the pop-up menu. Now from the Interface dropdown menu choose the Ethernet and choose Create and Apply.

After performing these steps the Ethernet will automatically connect to your Macbook.

Contact Apple Support

By performing all the above fixes still your Macbook Ethernet is still not working properly then you need to contact Apple Support they will help further on it.

This is all for Ethernet not working on the Macbook guide for more similar fixes you can our Macbook guides section.

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