How To Configure Gmail SMTP Settings

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What Is Gmail SMTP?

Most people are not in knowledge about that Gmail gives a free server of SMTP. It is a small feature of Gmail that allows the users the integration of Gmail SMTP settings of the server.

It works along with the web applications along with the servers which the users want to send through the emails in outgoing forms without the managing of the outgoing server.

Such outgoing emails are part of campaigns in email marketing or the emails in transaction forms of emails. The external forms of SMTP services like Gmail, Maigun, and many more will be the best for the maximization of the deliverability of emails.

Gmail SMTP Settings

Here we will understand the proper procedure of integration of Gmail SMTP on the server of Cloudway through the use of its platform. There will be the add one on the serves of Cloudways with proper integration of it.

Procedure 1: Configuring the Gmail SMTP

Firstly, everything the start which the person needs is to get the credentials of Gmail SMTP which will be in use with the server of Cloudway.

Step 1

Begin with logging into the Gmail account with the required credentials of it. type there your email address and then click on the Next option.

Step 2

After that, type the password of login and then again go to the Next option.

Now there will be the need of checking whether the account of Google is protected or not. It is necessary the avoiding interventions thereby the use of SMTP devices. For this, there is a need for two-step verification.

Step 3

Enabling the two-step verification on Gmail

Now the users need the generation of a password in-app which will be for the use of integration in SMTP. For that, go to the Google App Passwords for the generating of App Password.

Step 4

After that, do the selection from the given choice of drop-down and then do the choosing of the Other option.

Step 5

Give them any kind of name as per their choice of yours to the password of the App and then click on the GENERATE option.

Step 6

As the password of the app is generated there, do the saving of it for later use.

Step 7

Now do the logging into Cloudways Platform and select the Server option there from the given menu at the top. After that, select the server of the target.

Step 8

Then, go to the option of SMTP given t the left side of the bar of the menu.

Step 9

After that, click on the box drop-down which will prompt the Select SMTP on the screen. From that do the closing of option which is Your SMTP. 

Step 10

Now, users will see the various fields when they will choose the option of Your SMTP. They can either choose the Other option when it appears on the screen for the selection of email gateway provider.

Entering there the website of as the type of host. Enter there the Gmail account’s email in the field of the username and then enter the App password in the given field of the password

Step 11

After its completion, click on the Save option.

Procedure 2: Verification of the SMTP Configuration

Cloudways also offers the functionality of the on-scene type for the testing of settings in SMTP after the configuration of the service of SMTP on the given server.

The users can now easily verify the emails and can check the dispatching of them properly from the given server by sending an email of the test to own.

They can simply click on the SEND TEST EMAIL option.

After that, a dialog box will occur on the screen with the Cloudways that are registered along with the email address.

Therefore, if users like to send the test email to the given email address, then they have to click on the SEND TEST EMAIL  option or can also input it into the other kind of email address.

This will show the users that the Gmail Email service is now in the proper form of configuration successfully. It will be properly configured in the server for the transactional emails in outgoing forms.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

Does Gmail still support SMTP?

Use its free SMTP service if you have a Gmail account or a Google business email account (Workspace). You can send emails using Google’s SMTP server since it is dependable, safe, and quick in addition to just using your hosting’s portable SMTP server or even other third-party email applications.

How do I find my SMTP server details?

Outlook for PC

Select File in Outlook. Go to Account Settings > Account Settings next. Double-click the account you would want to link to HubSpot on the Email tab. Your outgoing mail server (SMTP) and incoming mail server (IMAP) names are listed below Server Information.

Why won’t my Gmail SMTP settings work?

Your Google Mail SMTP settings won’t function until you grant “less secure” app access. This setting needs to be turned on in two places: Here is the first one: Under “Connected apps & sites,” browse to

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand the configuring of Gmail SMTP settings. Tell us feedback below in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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