15 Best Music Downloader App for Android & iPhone

Searching for the best music downloader apps for downloading on your Android and iPhone devices? Let’s discuss them here on this page.

There are lots of applications were available to download music on iPhone or Android devices. But not all are free or do not provide better quilty music.

Don’t worry, after lots of research all across the web, we gathered a list of the best music downloaders for both Android and iOS devices. Check out our list and give your feedback in the comment box.

Best Music Downloader For Android

1. Songily: Simplicity Itself

Songily is the best music downloader app for free and offers the users the interface of a simple form for searching for songs and then playing them.

Users can easily download the songs here and can get a mist of the covers of different types of music. The remixes as well as the live versions here give various covers to the users.

Best Music Downloader

There is safety along with downloading in legal form. The albums of different tracks here gives a great effect on the music which attracts the users to listen to it.

Various tones are available for free here because of which it is much worth having on your device. It is best compatible with Android devices.

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2. Audiomack

It provides users free access to various tracks, albums as well as mixtapes that can be easily downloaded for listening offline.

The tabbed is there of much beautiful which has songs of trending forms, albums, and the top songs. Users can also create their own playlist Herr to their genre, listening style, etc.

music downloader free

This best music downloader app is actually great to have with yourself such a great app on your device which provides all genres of songs. Various tracks along with songs of different languages are there for every kind of person at any place.

The base of listening here is up to the mark for the users. It is best compatible with the device of Android.

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3. Hungama Music

If the users are the biggest fan of different types of music, then Hungama is the best music downloader app for them in this case. It includes various types of covers that will actually make them a fan of every type of it. The database here is 3.5 million songs.


Which include Bollywood songs, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, and even many more languages. Not only this, but the videos are also there for downloading and also a player of integrated type.

When the users will pick this app for songs, they will get various types of downloads for free type. Users can easily pick their favorite songs of themselves before the consideration whether they have to pay more for that track or not. It is best compatible with Android devices.

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4. YMusic

The most elegant form of the best music downloader app which also has the look of the official type of music Downloader I’d the YMusic. It allows the users to play any kind of video on YouTube as the file of the audio.

It even let the user play it in the background on the phone. The real best thing here is the downloading of videos as well as the files of audio.

music downloader for android

The options here come as the format of M43 or the MP3 formats and the library of UI. It allows users to manage the files of music in the best way.

Like the other options in the given list, it has the hand-down service which is much more convenient to have. The most reliable service is given by music. It is best compatible with Android devices.

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5. GTunes Music app

It is a bit old app but has good features installed. The searching here goes through the various kinds of domains of the music in downloadable forms.

For the queries occurring in the search of the users, it is the best music downloader app to go through the GTunes for perfect solutions to songs.

mp3 songs download

The millions of brilliant artists are there across the generations of different kinds of music. Search options here are much in the rudimentary form.

It is the best here which most people look for. Whenever the users go through with the GTunes, they have to go through that it is the built-in player app.

It will allow them to let the trimming of the tunes and can also set the ringtones of it. It is best compatible with Android devices.

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6. Loffee Lo-Fi

This is the best app for the wonderful performance of the best in lo-fi forms. The stripping back of the music here is to the best.

The stuff here which the users will listen to gives a great soothing effect to them during their journey time. In the house when getting bored, it is the best solution to have songs be played on Loffee.

mp3 download music

There are various playlists here that are in the best theme such as the Fresh Grinds, Dark Roast, and even many more. Users can easily put the information about the music or the art anywhere as shuffle on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media.

It will allow them in exploring various songs to listen to them and can share worldwide. It is best compatible with Android devices.

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7. NewPipe

It is the best music downloader app which is in a bit of progress. The main job of this app is the downloading the music. The open-source here is for the constant type of improved form. The current feature is for the MediaCCC, FrameTube, and many more types of downloads.

music download app

The front of this app opens the YouTube screen. The selection is much simpler as whichever video you want to download you can download easily.

The view of videos and the track of audio is up to the mark. The format shown here is a great and perfect type. It is best available for Android devices.

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8. Advanced Download Manager

This best music downloader app allows the users to download the three files together. It has MP3s and MP4s versions for downloading audio and video.

mp3 download apk

The different settings here allow the users to get the customization of the files which are downloaded which includes the speed of limited types. The various free tracks are also there which are the best over here. It is easily compatible with Android devices.

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Best Music Downloader For iPhone & iPad

9. iHeart Radio Best Music Downloader app

This is the best music downloader app for the downloading of songs. It has a catalog of vast types with the latest music in it.

There are various charts of featured forms here along with the radio channels with tracks of the latest types. Users can listen to their favorite songs in the form of offline also.

mp3 download song

Though it is for free, if the users want it in ad-free form, then they can purchase the subscription. It will provide unlimited listening of music with no ads. Various tracks are there in it with a proper base which will give a soothing listening.

The charts here show the different types of songs available that the users can add to their playlists. It is properly compatible with iPhone devices.

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10. Tidal

This app provides proper access for the listening of music tracks in high-quality form. The charge here is $19.99 each month.

This app offers the users the functionality of a comprehensive form due to which they can easily share the music in the listening mode of offline type.

music downloader app

It is the most interesting thing which the users search in the music apps. They can easily save the track that they want to have on their device and can listen without the network connection. Even if the connection is slow, it will still access the songs on your devices.

The allowance that it gives to the users is for the listening of the playlists and the albums in the offline type. This best music downloader app is easily compatible with iPhone devices.

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11. Spotify

Spotify came into existence in the United States. The best music downloader app is with the interface of pleasant music it gives to everyone. It has all kinds of genres like rocking songs, classical collections, and many more for best listening.

Users can easily search for the track of certain types of whichever they want in the given search unit on Spotify. It is mostly used as the app of the streaming type.

music downloader

Also, it can save the tracks for playback in listening offline. By adding the track to the other kinds of albums to the playlist, users can easily listen to them afterward in offline form. It is the free app available.

If the users want an ad-free service, then they can purchase the subscription version of it. It is compatible with both iPhone as well as Android devices.

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12. Pandora Music

Pandora is best for streaming music or listening to radio channels perfectly. It is the streaming music app of the social type which allows the users to listen to various kinds of songs by also letting them share them with others.

The great feature here is that they can also mark their song which is their favorite and can also do the setting of radio channels of favorite types.

mp3 songs free download for

The offline saving feature is great here which allows saving them for listening without the connection of the network. The downloading is much easier here of any type of song or album.

Various languages of songs are also available here in perfect form.  It is best compatible with the Phone devices of iOS 7.0 and the other versions of later types.

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13. Apple Music Downloader

More than millions of users are there worldwide have access to the app of apple music on their devices. It is regarded as the best music downloader app and also one of the services for streaming songs worldwide. It gives access to the downloading of songs on your devices.

music download app free mp3

The catalog of extensive type is there for the saving of music offline which means that there is the protection of DRM in it. Users can easily create the playlist here and can also share the tracks as per their choice.

It also has the radio station of life form. The plans of paid forms are also there for groups as well as for individuals. It is best compatible with iOS 8.2 and more of the later versions. It is available for Android devices too.

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14. Music MP3 Player

This is the best music downloader app which seems to be the best one for it. It doesn’t give any type of issue to the users in searching for storage space, downloads getting, and even other types.

It allows the users to get the streaming of any type of song based on a search of YouTube, Trending Music, etc.

Best Music Downloader

They can easily add the compositions of their favorite type to the required playlists along with the hashtags and charts as per their choice. Along with this, there is also the live radio show which is fully free. It is best compatible with iOS devices.

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15. Deezer

It is the best music downloader app that helps users to get offline music on their devices. Also, it offers a better ability the downloading the library of music for about $6 every month. It gives various languages for the songs which are the best to have.

free download mp3 music

The songs usually become unavailable if the user deletes the app from the device. Subscription can be taken or the 48-hour trial is also there.

The downloading of various tracks is also much easier here. It is great to have for each kind of track listening. It is best compatible with iPhone devices.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this information about various best music downloader apps is best for understanding them. Tell us feedback in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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