15 Wireless Phone Charger For Android In 2024

With the rise in technology, wireless chargers are in focus now especially Wireless Phone Charger For Android, as it is a very advanced and convenient technology.

No more problem of the charging socket being away from your bed or your desk. No more leaving your phone on charge and missing out on something important.

Wireless chargers are chargers which charge your phone by being in its touch and not connecting to it so it makes it handy and hence convenient.

1. Samsung Wireless Charger: Fast Charger Stand

Samsung is a leading name in the world of technology and a trusted brand in tech accessories. With the Samsung wireless charging pad being one of the favourite wireless chargers, this permanent standing dust charger uses a fan coolant system that keeps your phone from overheating over the period while it’s getting charged.

Wireless Phone Charger For Android

It’s coated in a rubbery material on the back which makes the perfect grip for any sized smartphone. On the front, you will find a little LED light that gives an indication of the device is charging and it reaching its full capacity.

This is a really great feature as it helps with the unreliable nature of wireless charging giving you a visual indication as to whether you have lined up the phone correctly to begin charging.

The only downside to this charger is its permanent standing feature that is you can’t lay the phone down and it’s a little harder to pack away and carry it with you while on your travels. But this one is quite handy for your meetings and stuff.

Overall it’s a really good charger with an indication so that you don’t forget your phone in charge for way too long and hence it is super convenient.

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2. Olixar Slim Charging Pad

This one is a 10-watt fast-charging wireless pad. This low-cost alternative has been designed to work with a wide variety of smartphone brands and models making it lòok great universal product.

With 10 watts of power this charger powers up relatively fast which is great to see for a low-budget charging pad, small, lightweight and easy to fit in any bag or pocket. It’s largely popular for taking on your travels as it fits well into a variety of environments.

wireless phone charger

This charger does come with a micro USB cable which fits into any 10 watts compatible USB mains adaptor, whether you want to use it as a permanent desktop option or portable charger for your car.

It also gives you the option to move it around when you need it which is a super brilliant feature.

It comes with a handy LED on the side that indicates when your phone is charging so even when the phone is flat, you can see when it’s reached full charge and you no longer need to fumble in the dark inserting a charger.

Overall, it is a great portable version of the leading desktop charger.

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3. Nomads Wireless Charging Hub

This wireless charger is the perfect home docking station for all of your power needs, not only does it work with a wireless charging pad for your smartphone but it also holds four hidden USB ports on the bottom to plug in your other devices at the same time.

This is perfect for simultaneous charging keeping all of your devices from smart watches to headphones, powered up at the same time.

wireless charger for android

It’s perfect as a family hub putting it into all of those battles over a plug space. Nomad is known for its sophisticated sleek design and high-quality products.

With this charging dock, it will fit easily into any environment as it is created to minimize clutter as it’s not a fast wireless charger.

It is not the top choice if you are looking for speed. Putting out a max output of 7.5 watts wirelessly but the additional USB ports are designed to offer a range of outputs for charging specific devices allowing you to get the most out of this device.

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4. Veho DS-4 Wireless Fast Charging Pad

This charging pad is so handy and convenient as it can literally sit in the palm of your hand and powers through a fixed universal cable that is easily compatible with most USB mains adapters that you might have at home.

The blue light on the side gives a nice visual indicator that lets you know when your phone is charging and when it is ready to go. Obviously, vertical charging pads can be a little difficult when watching videos or keeping up with notifications.

wireless charging pad

But to solve this issue you can buy a sturdy metal stand that converts into a wireless charging stand by attaching the charging pad to the magnetized back.

You can even move the charging pad lower on the stand to charge your phone horizontally and keep it powered while catching up with your favourite shows. It’s built with a Qi-compatible charging coil that works with any device that has a wireless charging feature.

Overall this one is a brilliant, low-cost device that allows you to adapt wireless charging features to your lifestyle needs.

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5. Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Duo Pad

Though this updated 2.0 charging pad may look pretty similar to the previous versions of Samsung. This one is significantly better in terms of usability, charge time and price.

It’s still your usual charging pad that holds a Qi compactly within almost any revise that uses the wireless charging feature.

wireless chargers

Samsung has reduced the size, removing the standing feature and adding a slightly faster 12-watt input to keep up with the super-sized batteries and fast charging capabilities of the latest handsets.

One of the best features of this pad compared to its competitors is the use of the dual pad system letting you charge your phone alongside your BlueTooth headphones or smartwatch.

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6. Samsung Convertible Fast Charger

As soon as you get this one out of its box you know you’ve got hands-on a high-quality product. It feels very durable and having the ability to switch from a flat position to standing is a feature which is the best. As you can just shape it according to your convenience and be alert.

wireless charger

You can literally alternate between the two with no hustle with the charger working effortlessly with both the setups.

It’s powered by USBC cable which just slots into place at the back, the soft rubber texture prevents your phone from slipping. So overall it’s a very classic and durable piece of device perfect for use.

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7. Sedio Wireless Charging Pad

While this one doesn’t look like much but this one supports Apple’s fast charging feature so if you’re an iPhone user looking for a wireless charger this might be the one for you.

It does also support other key compatible devices than an apple that is even if you have a Samsung or google pixel it will work equally great with them too.

wireless phone chargers

Now the LED feature lets you know when the charger is powered on and when your phone is charging. Overcharging must be a concern of yours but this one prevents it from happening.

Its integrated components monitor heat levels and power consumption and adjust both when needed to offer the best charge while minimizing any risks.

Overall this one is a really recommended charger as this one has literally no issues with using it, it does exactly what it says.

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8. Spigen Fast Charging Wireless Stand

With a very different approach to wireless chargers, this option is perfect for charging your phone at your desk whether you’re at home or in the office. This puts up your phone at the perfect angle for viewing notifications at a glance and even unlocking your phone using face ID.

wireless charger pad

You can also position your phone in landscape orientation which could be useful for watching media on your phone while charging. The rubber grip at the bottom gives a solid hold to your device. Overall this one is one of the most convenient chargers in terms of positioning.

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9. Goobay Universal Wireless Charger

Its slim design makes it perfect for any environment regardless of where you choose to put it. Powered by a micro USB cable this charger can charge your phone up to 1.4 times faster than other key wireless charging pads.

So you can spend less time charging and more time using your phone. It is one of the best wireless chargers for android devices.

wireless android charger

This one though has a smooth surface which can lead to your phone slipping when you place it down but it’s fine as it doesn’t slip every time. Overall this one is a great fast charging pad.

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10. Huawei Wireless Charging Pad

A great option for all key compatible devices. This one has a perfect size to be put anywhere, whether you want to use it at home, at work or on the go. The top of the charging pad has a silicon-type material which feels nice as well as keeps the phone in position.

android wireless charger

It has a tiny LED light in the front that indicates the phone’s charging status and will signal when you lift up your phone. This is powered by a USBC cable which plugs into the back of your charger.

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11. ESR Wireless Charging Stand

This one is a premium textured wireless charging device to charge your smartphone. This wireless charging stand supports quick charging 3.0 so that you can get your Qi enables devices charged within a short amount of time.

charging pad for android

The dual coil design in the charging stand lets you charge your phone vertically or horizontally so that you can charge the device while using it for media and stuff like that. Overall it is worth a purchase for your Qi-enabled devices.

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12. ChoeTech Wireless Charger

A wireless charging pad that can charge your device 1.4 times faster than any standard charger. This charger supports two different fast chargers to meet the demands of two types of devices.

You can fast charge your Samsung devices with a power output of 10 watts and your iPhone with 7.5 watts of power output.

android charging pad

This ultraslim wireless charging pad comes with anti-slip TPU-coated rubber to keep your smartphone in place. It is compactly built and ensures simple and convenient charging as well.

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13. UMI 10 watt Qi Wireless Charging Station

A wireless fast charger for your devices comes with the highest triple egg weight independent coil and the latest Qi-certified chipset which allows the UMI to deliver up to ten watts of power for android devices and 7.5 watts of power for iOs devices.

android charging pad

The UMI fast-charging station features intelligent compatibility detection technology which lets it detect metal or non-Qi-compatible objects to avoid energy waste.

This wireless charging station comes with multiple protections to keep you and your devices safe.

This one has an aluminium body which protects your device from overheating so that you can enjoy continuous fast charging.

14. Seneo Wireless Charging

A feature-packed wireless charger to make your charging experience convenient and faster. This one can provide up to 10-watt fast charging experience for android devices and 5-watt stable charging for iOs devices giving you the freedom to charge both devices easily.

charging pads

This ensures the safety of your phone with lower temperature, input current protection, short circuit protection and other safety protection during the entire charging process.

It features two high-purity coppers that could identify your phone sensitively and supply power. It can even charge through the phone cases within 4 mm.

This comes with a stand design that allows comfortable viewing and you can charge your phone both ways, horizontally and vertically.

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15. Aukey Graphite Q & Lite Q Wireless Charger

This one is built to make your charging experience convenient. The graphite Q one has a USBC input whereas the graphite Q lite has the micro USB port. Now all the features of both the devices are the same except for the above ones. And these ones are a must-buy.

android wireless chargers

You can adjust the view of your phone as you like. It’ll charge your phone in a decent time and it will last longer for sure. This one’s really in perfect shape and is a really good option if you want something sleek.

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