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Daily Archives: June 17, 2022

How to Change Spectrum WiFi Password

Change Spectrum WiFi Password: While having a new connection of Spectrum Internet, it literally becomes easier to go through with the best use of the internet will proper services provided by them. Most of the issues which we face due to lower network connection, the

How to Change Default Font in Word

Change Default Font in Word: We have various apps of Microsoft Office available out there that are Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and even many more. They all arrive with the initial settings in which most of them are settled to default. It includes none other than

How to Change NAT Type Xbox One, PC

Change NAT Type Xbox One: If you’re thinking to change the NAT Type on Xbox One game console of yours in this case this is a perfect article for you only. Well, if you’re playing games on Xbox One as a single player then you’ve

How To Reset Xfinity Router & Modem

how to reset Xfinity router: Most of the time, we there somethings goes wrong with device and we have all the troubleshooting methods to fix it. But nothing seem to work, in last the best option we have to factory reset to get the default